Return of the Obra Dinn: a Review

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The burning platform: PC

About 10 years ago programmer Lucas Pope (Lucas Pope) left Naughty Dog. To work on the next Uncharted he didn't want — much more interesting for him was the establishment of small experimental games. In two thousand thirteen the year of Pope know all — its the simulator of the border guard Papers, Please was so good that competed for the title of best game of the year at the BAFTA with The Last of Us and GTAV. For its development was spent just nine months, but the next project was more ambitious and came out after almost five years after the appearance of the author's ideas.

Expectations were high, but Pope did not disappoint — Return of the Obra Dinn sets a new standard for multiple genres.

Possible crime, for horses

In the early nineteenth century merchant ship "Obra Dinn" missing — about what happened to the crew of several dozen people, nobody knows. But a few years later it comes back, what shall notify the inspector of the East India company, which is sent to the vehicle to compile a detailed report. "Complete every Chapter with all possible care" — tells us the author of special books, which hero to record all the leads. But how is this possible if it's been a long time?

It's very simple: in the inventory of the character is not only a book, but magic hours, which allow you to approach the skeleton (or a pair of bone remaining somewhere under the stairs) and back into the past. Everything happens on the same scenario: you interact with a corpse, the screen goes black and it appears voiced by different voices to the dialogue of the people on Board "Obry DIN". In the final, each small episode, the player hears a shot, crunching, screaming and other creepy sounds, and then sees the frozen scene involving two or even twenty people.

In front of him — the last moment of human life, whose fate it is necessary to write the book.

The cause of death in most cases is obvious. You can see how someone shot someone with a gun, like someone pierced a spear, anyone not lucky enough to freeze or die from a lightning strike. Some scenes are pretty spectacular and even scary — not all corpses lay there, curled up in the corner, there are severed limbs.

But this is only a third of what you need to do is not only important how someone was killed, but who. But at the same time it would be nice to know the name of the victim. At first it seems like an impossible task, because no one calls each other by name in every conversation.

However, in Return of the Obra Dinn nothing is impossible — the game forces you to think logically, carefully examine each scene to read the dialogue to understand the details. Someone appears in two or three memories, and someone's face can be seen in fifteen. Sometimes a name can determine almost immediately, sometimes have to wait. For each person (although sometimes they are put in pairs) start two separate pages: on the left you can find the file that you will fill, and the window with the dialogue in a particular scene, and on the right indicate the location of the body.

Return of the Obra Dinn game overviewIn some cases, the cause of death is not so obvious.

Who are you?

To come to deductive conclusions have a variety of ways. You may hear in the dialogue someone's name. But who said it and to whom addressed? Maybe some people will shout out a phrase in an unknown language — go to "Google Translator" and check it out.

Sometimes it is important to watch, some of the rooms overlook the people with whom they communicate and where there are gatherings, even from time to time to stare at the drawings of the artist depicted on his canvases the entire team. All of it has value, and Pope not just put those people out around the room.

As a result, the team members, which you could see in the first minutes of passage, you learn subsequently much more. "Oh, so that's the guy in the silly hat, I remember what he then did," — about such thoughts arise constantly, and lying in front of the monitor to a notebook will be more scribbled all sorts of notes with names and events. To do all this terribly exciting, so I do not recommend to start passing late in the evening — will sit all night and Wake up only in the morning. Hero arrives on a ship not only with a clock and a book — he pre-knows the names, positions and nationalities of the vast majority of people. If you calculated that someone of the victims come from Denmark or Russia, the circle of "suspects" is narrowed significantly. Map "Obry DIN" will allow to understand, where slept the passengers, and where located the dining room or the captain's cabin is also very important for understanding what is happening.

If some points are not clear, at the end of the book are available Glossary with explanations. There you will learn what gopdc and who are Marcovia, if these words in the dialogues you are afraid.

In this case Return of the Obra Dinn does not seem congested, and the game has some mechanic that helps the player to cope with a daunting task. First, all the dead people at first blurred in the figures of the artist, but be clear when you have enough leads. It is not always possible to immediately fill a dossier of the victim, but encourages to carefully study, the book shows the number of memories, as well as the time of first and last appearance in this story.Return of the Obra Dinn game overviewIf the replica is the cross, then, is the word of the victim.Second, when you properly determine the fate of three poor fellows, the book magically changes on the pages with these people the text is converted from handwritten to printed. But this happens only if you have all three filled out correctly: and the name of the victim has identified, and the name of the killer and method of killing.

And how much of these two pages (three in English version): killed, slaughtered, beheaded, strangled, drowned, crashed — a lot of options, and in some cases it is necessary to identify the murder weapon. The system is a little "leaky" — if the two destinies you are sure, and in the third doubt, it is possible to find the right answers by trial and error. However, it may be interesting to play like that?

It is much nicer to guess all by yourself, flip through the pages of the book and think about what might be a clue. You will often encounter a situation when you will not understand what to do with all the available information. And certainly the pull to look into the passage.

But Return of the Obra Dinn, as in adore me The Witness, it is advisable to play from beginning to end without any prompts, and to ask for help as seldom as possible. Such works out very rarely, and try to complete them as soon as possible — not quite the right approach, in my opinion.Return of the Obra Dinn game overviewIt's time to see who was the owner of this skeleton…***New game Pope don't want to re-take a couple of dozen times for the other endings, as it was with Papers, Please.

When all the fate is determined, to return to Return of the Obra Dinn it makes no sense, and in this respect it may for someone be a disappointment. However, as an integral work 10-15 hours game is a detective adventure in its background fade away because of how superficial they made investigation. And the plot here is much more intense than in some "walking simulators". "Obra Dinn" — a deserted ship with skeletons and spirits, but how many interesting stories fraught with every corner.

Pros: big ship-a mystery, gradually revealing its secrets; the unusual gameplay, requiring thoughtful consideration of all the dialogues, scenes and events; all of the replicas sounded great, and the overall sound design is excellent.

Disadvantages: the Russian version is not always the correct translation: the gun is a "gun", although there are and guns, boss, why it became a "sir" and so on.

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