Red Dead Redemption 2: Passing Tips

Apparently, Rockstar is finally obsessed with open world games, because Red Dead Redemption 2 is not just a GTA in the setting of the Wild West, but also an incredibly detailed criminal life simulator with many systems embedded in other systems. In this game, there are so many functions and a mechanic that it is no wonder that you get lost and forget about why this item is needed in the upper left cell, or where to put things stolen from a local rich manor.

All the tricks, tips and tricks discussed below should be known to each of you. Be sure: this will simplify the passage of the game and speed up the process of synchronization with multi-faceted gameplay.

— Press the «up» button on the direction switch (D-Pad) to direct the gun into the sky. Such shots into the sky will warn the NPC or scare away predators.

— Take the revolver in your hand and double-tap on L1 to perform the trick and hide it in its holster.

— During aiming, click on the «square» for a quick dodge. The perfect reception to hide from incoming fire.

— Click on the gallop («cross») while riding to stop exhausting endurance.

— Place a marker on the map and enter cinematic mode. If you are currently on your way to the marker (marked with a red / yellow line on the map), then your horse will automatically continue to move to its destination. This is a kind of «autopilot».

— To maintain strength and health, both Arthur and his horse must eat right. There are other ways to restore HP, but if you do not eat food, then Arthur will be exhausted and will have a negative impact on the health scale. The situation is similar for your horse. On the other hand, a lean character will move faster, which means it spends less stamina.

Fat Arthur Morgan will get a “layer of armor” and will increase his health, but he will spend his endurance more quickly.

— Weapons used by opponents are always worse than Arthur Morgan can buy. If you pick up a gun from a dead enemy, it will usually be marked with the tag «Worn». In this case, the weapon can not be completely repaired.

— Your weapon gradually loses in quality. Click on the R3, while in the wheel of the weapon, to get the version with the “Purge” of the barrel. Using gun oil, Arthur recovers the murder tool.

You can buy gun oil in any general or gun shop.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips

Subsequently, it will be possible to use two revolvers simultaneously.

— After unlocking the camp improvement book, be sure to buy leather processing tools to be able to create unique items to decorate your new home.

— Buy an improvement for the Datca tent to increase the amount of money that goes into the gang’s “common pot” every day (the rest of the members will make more substantial investments).

— Buy an upgrade for Arthur’s apartments to unlock the possibility of a free quick trip on the map (horse-drawn carriages and carriages can be used, but you have to pay for them). You can move only to those places where you have already visited.

— Hold the Options button to go straight to the world map from the game.

— Always keep on hand medications for the horse (Horse Reviver), allowing you to restore your horse, if he was fatally killed.

— When riding, use a lasso on medium and large-sized prey. By holding the animal on a rope, you can move closer and strike for a “clean kill”. In this case, the quality of the skinned skin will be maximum for a particular individual (if the animal had “three stars” that can be seen through binoculars, then you will get the perfect skin).

— Complete the tests to unlock special craft items from the Hunter (Trapper).

— Press and hold the «down» button on the direction switch (D-Pad) to open the mini-map options. You can turn off the minimap or change it to a regular compass. Click the down button on the D-Pad to temporarily display the standard minimap in compass mode.

— Do not walk behind your own, alien or wild horse;

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips

Book improvements in the camp Datca.

— When collecting items you can get a message that your inventory is full, and you need to get rid of some items to pick up new ones. Ignore similar messages. In fact, they indicate that you have a full stack of one particular item in your inventory.

For example, if you butchered an animal, but in the inventory a full stack of bear meat, then Arthur will not take only it. At the same time, all other parts will fall into inventory (leather, heart, horns — if it is some kind of ram, etc.).

— You can independently change the motion controls. Open the settings and go to the Controls section. You can assign a “cross” to switch the running mode instead of tapping.

— You can sell whole animal corpses to a butcher or hunter. This should be done quickly, because over time it will decompose.

— It is not necessary to remove the corpses of animals, skin and other parts of the body from a horse. If the mount is nearby, then all skins and body parts from the horse’s inventory will be available for sale.

— To get the opportunity to purchase unique equipment, sell the skins of legendary animals to the hunter. You cannot use it yourself, sell it to ordinary merchants, or donate to Pearson. Instead, go to the hunter and subject to the availability of the necessary ingredients and payment of a cash contribution, buy special items from him. For example, you can buy a headdress, a coat and boots of the legendary bear for the skin of a legendary bear. In the requirements of each item are additional ingredients, but everywhere there is the skin of the legendary bear.

In this case, one such skin is enough to buy all three things!

— Raw meat in inventory over time deteriorates.

“You can keep three suits on your horse.” Go to the cloakroom in Arthur’s tent at Datca’s gangster camp to pick out clothes. Be sure to carry clothes in different saddle bags in saddle bags.

— Your horse keeps a hat. If you lost it, then take it out of saddle bags on a horse.

“If a horse or equestrian carriage has been stolen, use a whistle to order your horse to follow.” If the horse falls behind, then hang again in order to attract his attention.

— If after the whistle your horse did not jump to Arthur, then try to hold the button for a longer whistle.

— Select a brush in the horse’s inventory to clean it of dirt. Too dirty horse will lose stamina faster, so do not forget to periodically take care of it.

— Being on a horse, follow the water — this method can also be used to clean the mount.

“There are several treasures hidden around the world.” In some secret places you need to solve puzzles that are not related to the records or activities in the journal (or Arthur’s personal diary). For solving these puzzles, you usually get a few gold bars ($ 500 each).

“One of these mysteries can be found northeast of Bacchus Bridge, next to a mysterious house on a hill (one of the easter eggs associated with the“ Lord of the Rings ”universe).

— Wear a bandanna to hide the identity of Arthur Morgan. When committing crimes, you still reduce the honor of the protagonist, but at the same time you will not become the goal of bounty hunters.

— For the fulfillment of each mission you will receive a medal — a bronze, silver or gold. In all tasks there are hidden targets, which can be found in the “Story” (History) menu. In addition, in this menu, you can re-run a previously completed mission to perform hidden tasks and earn a higher reward.

— At the entrance to the camp you can see three red characters. These are your supplies that can be expanded and replenished through the camp improvement book.

— In the cities and towns you can buy different newspapers, while in some of them are hidden cheat codes. You can enter them through the settings menu, while saving will be disabled and any achievements that you could get without cheats will not be counted.

“At the end of most skirmishes, surviving opponents will attempt to escape from the area.” Retreating enemies may call for reinforcements or warn local authorities about your presence. Try to kill them before they have time to escape.

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