Red Dead Redemption 2: How to quickly collect all cigarette cards

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Red Dead Redemption 2 a total of 144 collectible cigarette cards divided into 12 sets of 12 pieces each. In this huge open world you can find at least one of the 144 cards (some are duplicates). You can explore each region separately, or to act smarter and spend much less time and effort.

The principle

Before performing the steps below, accumulate a few hundred dollars. After three or four story chapters, the money will cease to be something difficult and desirable. That’s why you don’t have to sacrifice anything to collect cigarette cards.

How to quickly collect all the cigarette cards in Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the cards.

So here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to the General store. One of those is there in Saint-Denis.

2. Buy as many premium packs of cigarettes as you can. Each of them hides one of the cigarette card. In addition, if you have the legendary pack due to the improved capacity, this method takes even less time and effort.

3. When the inventory is full, then open the bag (right datapage), and discard all packs.

4. Repeat the second step several times.

Collecting cards, you will see a pop-up window in the left part of the screen. Can find inventory in the knapsack (hold «right» on datapage) to see the maps which is already available, and to understand what remains to be found. Of course, the process would still be tedious, but it is much easier and faster than to explore every inch of the game world and try to find all the 144 trading cards.

For each premium pack of cigarettes you’ll pay is $2.50. You will have a lot of duplicate cards, but they can all be sold to the fences (this is in the same Saint-Denis, so will run down the street from the General store). Some of the duplicates will cost about $1, others more.

Thus, on average, for every premium pack you pay $1.5 m (or less). Also there is a quest associated with collecting the cards.

There is one caveat, which is worth mentioning. Every time you buy a premium pack of cigarettes, the game randomly gives you a card. Until you have few such cards, the probability of the subject, which is not yet in the collection, really high. But as soon as you detect the new card, the odds gradually decrease.

Stand your ground and sooner or later you will gather a complete collection.

Smoking and other Hobbies

So, the game has a quest associated with collecting cigarette cards. After I finished the story quest «he Who is without sin» in the second Chapter, there will be a stranger Phineas Ramsbottom, located outside the station Platek. Talk to him, and then get a new job – to collect all the trading cards from cigarette packs.

When you have a set of 12 pieces, then go to any post office and send it to Phineas. For every sent, you will receive additional remuneration.

How to quickly collect all the cigarette cards in Red Dead Redemption 2


Sets of cards and rewards

Here are all 12 sets of cigarette cards and award for their collection:

— «Wonderful inventions»: dynamite, $100.

— «Artists, writers, and poets»: an elixir of ginseng, $100.

«Famous hands»: a special snake oil, $50.

— «Fauna of America»: the perfect rabbit skin, $50.

«Flora of America»: a special miracle tonic, $50.

— «Pearl of beauty»: a platinum necklace, $100.

— «Horses»: a special medicine for horses, $50.

«Wonders of travel»: the pirate rum, $50.

— «Famous Americans»: the three eagle-feathers, $50.

— «Next stage»: a bag for jewelry, $50.

«Prospects for America»: gold nugget, $100.

— World Champions: Valerian root, $50.

Regardless of which set of cigarette cards you send the first email, you will be rewarded with vintage Bracers of the civil war. This is used the fence to create a mascot from a tooth of an alligator. In the end, for delivery of sets, you will get a small additional reward – $200.

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