Red Dead Redemption 2: How to increase your honor level

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Red Dead Redemption 2, you have to monitor the level of honor that affects your relationship with inhabitants of nearby towns, officials, members of other criminal groups, the manner of Arthur Morgan and the availability of discounts in stores. You will have to increase the honor in order to unlock new clothes and take the job Do Not Seek Absolution from the sixth Chapter (requires level 4 honor of the 8 available). This mission must be executed to get the achievements «helping Hand» (Lending a Hand).

In General, increasing the level of honor, you’ll unlock new bonuses. Maximum level – the eighth.

Click on the «down» switch directions (D-Pad) to check the level of honor on the panel at the bottom of the screen. If the scale is on the left (red) you are playing the «dishonest» character on the right (white) is a man of honor.

How to raise the level of honor in Red Dead Redemption 2

Scale of honor.

The best ways to improve the honor in Red Dead Redemption 2

Throw the fish in the water. Fishing is a great way to increase honor and can be used indefinitely. Fish and instead take home with them, throw back in the water.

Make sure that in the upper right corner of the screen appears an icon «honor.»

Perform tasks bounty hunters. You will increase your honor in the stalking and shooting of criminals who are wanted in the current city. Learn their names in the Sheriff’s office.

We recommend that you keep most of them in the sixth Chapter, because you’ll get 50% more honor points. In the same way as fishing, bounty hunting is a reliable and the best way to increase your honor level, especially in preparation for the task of the sixth Chapter, when required level 4 of the eight.

Casual encounters. While traveling through the game world follow the mini-map, which will appear white markers indicating random encounters. This happens not so often! Sometimes you will be able to help people in distress, increasing the stock of honor. For example, to rescue the people who ran the horse to help the wounded with medicines or lost travelers to get home.

These events can happen anywhere, anytime and very diverse.

Box donations (camp) . The camp Datca is a box General Treasury of the gang. Make donations. If they counted, then in the upper right corner of the screen will appear white icon «honor.» We are talking about large donations.

For example, to give the Golden Cabinet $300. However, this is not happening always. It is best to donate on a regular basis.

You can also create a manual save before you donate and then do this and check for any points of honor.

Pay a reward for your head. There are problems with the law? Do not worry: pay by mail the fine, which was assigned to you, and all offences will be forgiven. It will also give you growth of honour.

During the passage of many storyline quests will be increased the reward for the head of Arthur Morgan. Pay your fines.

Give up, law-enforcement officers. If you broke the law and got caught red-handed at the crime scene, do not reach for a weapon, but simply to surrender to the authorities. Spend a few nights in jail.

You will increase the level of honor that surrendered without bloodshed.

Conduct various activities in the camp and follow the instructions. From time to time the members of your gang will come to Arthur in the camp and talk about which items need a particular moment. Help them to increase the level of honor. You will also be able to participate in different activities in the camp of the Dutch. This is a mini-game or side tasks, including the robbery of the estates or horse-drawn carriages.

Always follow camp activities when they become available.

Kill the rats in the cities. It happens accidentally, but you may find in the cities rats. This option cannot be used as a major way to quickly obtain honor points, but is a good addition to the listed methods.

After the completion of the story. You can run story missions, then repeat them again and again, increasing the level of honor. But this is possible only at the conclusion of the main story.

Story missions. In some story missions you can increase the honor of Arthur Morgan, if you take some right decisions. This is the fastest and most reliable method of increasing the honor, but has several limitations.

How to raise the level of honor in Red Dead Redemption 2

Don’t forget to wear a bandana, to avoid being identified.

Plot solutions to increase your honor level

— Chapter 2 – the job of Polite Society, Valentine Style: calm a runaway horse and return to its owner.

— Chapter 2 – the job of Polite Society, Valentine Style: save the witness, hanging on a cliff.

— Chapter 2 – the job of Polite Society, Valentine Style: during the pursuit of the witness Arthur will automatically steal the horse. Take it back to the owner.

— Chapter 2 – the job We Once Loved and True (Part 3): accept the request of Mary to rescue Jamie.

— Chapter 3 – homework Sodom? Back to Gomorrah: crack safes instead of blow them up.

— Chapter 4 – the Fatherhood task and Other Dreams: Mary asks Arthur to give her back the brooch. Agree to help a woman and buy her back without resorting to violence.

— Chapter 4 – job Brothers and Sisters, One and All: in this task, you must find the boy. He throws the crucifix – return it to the nun.

— Chapter 6 – specifying A Rage Unleashed: agree to help Ren falls.

— Chapter 6 – job Archeology for Beginners: agree to help Munro, when he asked about it during a conversation.

— Chapter 6 – the task Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow: help Sadi.

— Chapter 6 – the task Do Not Seek Absolution (to start, requires 4 honor level): help Archie and Edith in the sequence.

— Chapter 6 – setting The Course of True Love (Part 4/5): bring a woman to her boyfriend on the train. After a trip on the train refuse to pay gems.

— Chapter 6 – mission Red Dead Redemption: don’t go for the money.

And last, obvious but not less important: don’t commit things that can lower your honor. Try to avoid killing and robbing innocent citizens. Whenever you have the choice to spare or kill, do focus on the first option.

Just be kind to others.

Awards for obtaining honor level

You can access the pause menu under «Player/Common/Honor) to see the proposed awards:

• Grade 1: increased loot from the corpses.

• Rank 2: 10% discount on all goods in stores.

• Rank 3: get new costumes.

• Rank 4: access to additional job Do Not Seek Absolution.

• Rank 5: 25% discount on all goods in stores.

• Rank 6: get new costumes.

• Rank 7: 50% discount on all goods in the shops.

• Grade 8 awards: none (but does she need such a distinguished cowboy?).

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