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Hunting is one of the most important components of Red Dead Redemption 2. In the gaming world, you can meet more than 500 animals that you can hunt. We have prepared for you several simple tips by which you can be sure that you get the maximum profit from the time spent and know how to commit the perfect murder.

Learn all you can

Even if you do not hunt, you learn every met an animal, even the smallest. You can do this, is simply by focusing on it and holding down the R1 button. Besides the fact that you add it to tracking, after studying certain animals you can identify their quality.

After hunting for one of them you will learn detailed information about it.

You can see the ranking of animals by looking at the number of stars next to their name, not revealing information:

— One star – poor condition.

— Two stars – good.

— Three stars – perfect.

As a rule, hunting for animals with a low rating is not worth the time. Instead, prioritize hunting for a good or perfect animals. Perfect seem to be more attentive and careful, so you can hear the slightest noises. Approaching such a creature, proceed carefully. By killing such animals have a high probability of getting perfect skin.

But you have to make a clean kill.

Don’t forget while hunting to use binoculars. If you want to know the rating of the animal at a distance, then remove and equip the binoculars. You can find out information on the beast, to begin his tracking.

In addition, among other information, it tells you which weapon is best to kill an animal to perform a clean kill and get a perfect skin. This is especially important in the open countryside or steppe, where animal is much easier to find Arthur. Or true in cases when you are hunting predators.

How to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2

Information on deer.

Complete story missions

If you decided to slow down the story missions and engage in free exploration of the game world, then sure, I appreciate the time some of the earlier quests. In particular, it is necessary to carry out the task of Hosea called «Leaves bruised feelings.» In this mission you will receive information on tracking animals, learn how to create the bait and know where to look for the legendary beasts.

And even meet one of them!

Use the right weapon

The weapon you are using for the killing of animals, affect the quality of the skins. For example, if you yuzaete shotgun to kill the raccoon, be prepared, the animal will be torn apart and practically useless for butchers. For killing small animals it is best to use a bow and regular arrows.

To make clean shots to the head, you need to use the targeting system RDR 2 (keen eye).

Tab with information on each animal contains information about how the weapon should be used to make a clean kill. This information can be found in the digest for animals. For example, a varmint rifle-a rifle suitable for a perfect murder a rabbit.

Even if you kill him with a precise shot to the head from a bow, perfect skin to not work!

For most large animals, including bears and moose, you can use long-range rifles. Again, best to focus on head shots to get the pure murder and skin the best possible quality. If you are experiencing problems with accurate shooting, remember the function of dead eye.

…and the right ammo

In addition, it is necessary to learn how to choose the right ammunition. It will be obvious, but make sure to use for firing non-explosive and non-combustible ammunition.

Standard ammunition is a satisfactory option for most kiloton, but if you’re trying to get a perfect skin of a small animal, including the crow and squirrel, the best using the small arrows. You don’t need to learn the recipe for crafting. It is enough to have in the inventory the following components:

— Bird feather x1.

— The arrow x1.

Cartridge for shotgun x1.

Little arrows will be useless against animals like raccoon, because it will be too big a beast. Ideally, they need to run into squirrels, rats, snakes, and other tiny creatures.

If you have any problems with getting the feathers, use dead eye and shoot at the birds in the sky. For the perfect skins of the larger animals you will need superior ammunition. For example, the perfect skin of an alligator can be obtained even when shooting a shotgun.

How to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2


How to make a clean kill to the head

To make accurate head shots for deer, elk, bears and other large animals – simple enough. The choice of a good position when firing plays an important role. Here are a few tips that will improve the accuracy of the shots:

— Try to choose a higher position. If the animal that you hunt, you’ll be close to the mountain, and you climbed up your chances of committing a clean kill is greatly reduced.

— Make sure stands face to face with the animal, but not from the side or behind him. In this case, the chances to hit another part of the body are minimized.

— If you are using a bow and arrow, careful each time to pull the bowstring to the maximum. Even if activated dead eye. If you don’t do this, you will not be able to inflict maximum damage (even if hit in the head), and it will instantly reduce the quality of the carcass (and skin).

— Be patient.

Alternative method of hunting

Your lasso will be useful not only in order to tie their opponents from other gangs. You can even use it for taming animals. If you use this method, then Arthur will kill the animal accurate stabbed in the heart. It does not work for small creatures including rabbits, or someone less.

Although, if you can pursue these nimble animals on horseback, and in this case we can use a method with a lasso.

Don’t forget to activate dead eye, if it is difficult to throw a lasso, right on target. Zoom close to the animals, and when the grid turns red, throw a lasso. Once the animal is caught, Arthur will immediately jump off the horse.

This method of killing will always give you perfect skin, if you will, of course, hunt for animals in excellent condition.

Hunt the legendary deer to improve the quality of the skins

After together with Hosea unlock the fence, move to the North-West of Valentine to the town of Strawberry. At the Western foot of the Shan mountains you will discover the territory of the legendary deer. Hunt him, after which the horn take it to a fence. Create a new trinket from the antlers.

The presence of such in the inventory automatically increases the quality of the skins you removed from the dead animals that will simplify the creation of new items and upgrades.

To remove the skin or not

Your horse can carry the many skins, but their quality will eventually deteriorate. And if you find yourself far from the city and tighten with a return to the nearest merchant, then all the work will go down the drain. If you don’t plan to use skins right now, then move the whole carcass of the beast, leaving the skin on it.

How to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2

Average carcass on horseback.

Animal carcasses that had been removed the skin is sold two times cheaper than usual. Can remove the skin later, can sell the body of the animal entirely.

Move the carcasses of animals right

In fact, your horse can carry up to three of animal carcasses. One average-sized animal (e.g., deer) can be laid on the horse’s back, two small – to hang down on the sides. But that’s not all: if you have enough domesticated horse, you can travel with up to three of them! This will allow you to maximize profits from hunting.

Also note that animals that are familiar to the region, will cost more in other remote areas.

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