Red Dead Redemption 2: How to get trinkets

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In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can create 15 trinkets that provide passive bonuses that reinforce Arthur Morgan. One of them, «Iguana Scale», requires the Special Edition or Ultimate Edition, therefore it is not available to owners of the standard version. Another bauble, «Owl Feather», can be skipped in chapter six.

For all the rest you need to hunt legendary animals.

How to get a trinket

— Remove the skin from the dead legendary animal to get a component for crafting.

— Go to the buyer of the stolen goods and create an item through the craft menu.

Once at the buyer, click on the «square» to go to the item creation menu. You will not need to equip trinkets. Enough that they were in the inventory of Arthur Morgan, which automatically activates the effects. You can use all the trinkets at the same time to work all the bonuses.

In addition, their bonuses are added together with the talismans.

How to get trinkets in Red Dead Redemption 2

Buyer location in Van Horn.

Materials for crafting are parts of the legendary animals that can be obtained when they are skinned. You can go in search of legendary animals right after you take part in the hunt for the legendary grizzly in one of the tasks of the second chapter, which is taken from the old hunter Josiah. He will give you a map on which the location of all the legendary animals is marked.

Visit these ranges and find the animals.

List of trinkets

Tooth Beaver: — 10% of weapon wear (will be longer in good condition). Requires a tooth of the legendary beaver.

Antler: increases the chances of getting a better skin when flaying an animal … A legendary deer horn is required.

Paw Puma: «Apt eye» consumes 10% less scale for three seconds after activation. Requires a paw of the legendary puma.

Coyote fang: + 10% to the gained experience for the nucleus «Apt eye». Requires fang of the legendary coyote.

Horn of the Sukhat Elk: + 10% of production (due to an increase in the number of objects on the corpses). Requires a horn of the legendary elk moose.

Fox Claw: + 5 seconds to Eagle Eye duration. Requires a legendary fox claw.

Paw lion: + 10% gain for stamina core. Requires the paw of the legendary lion.

Horn of the Moose: + 10% to experience gained for health core. Requires a horn of the legendary moose.

Feather Owl (you can skip): + 15% to the value of all nuclei (health, endurance, «Apt eye»). It is necessary to kill the optional mission of honor “Archeology for Beginners” without a single murder (Chapter 6).

How to get trinkets in Red Dead Redemption 2

Goods from the buyer of stolen goods.

Panther’s Eye: + 10% to the core «Apt eye». Requires the eye of the legendary panther.

Horn of Viloroga: carcasses in horse saddle bags no longer decompose. Requires the horn of the legendary Viloroga.

Horn of Baran: Get twice as many herbs when collecting different plants. Requires the horn of the legendary ram.

Horn of Bison: — 10% to damage taken in melee. Requires the horn of the legendary bison.

Heart of the Wolf: before drinking, Arthur will have to drink twice the amount of alcohol. Requires the heart of the legendary wolf.

Iguana Scales: — 10% to damage taken while riding. Part of the exclusive add-on for owners of the Special Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game.

Remember that after killing and flaying a legendary animal, it is enough to go to the buyer of the stolen goods to buy the desired item. It does not matter whether the skin is in inventory or you lost it after killing Arthur or killing a horse. The claim is already included and a trinket can be purchased.

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