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From the debutants in the gaming industry it is difficult to wait for some definite result. Someone's first steps are always a cat in a bag. It remains to hope that the interest and effort will be stronger than the lack of experience.

Taking into account the prevalence of video game development tools, the relative ease of their development and a huge number of platforms for implementation, we get a rather serious problem — how to find a really worthwhile thing in the middle of many incomprehensible handicrafts. Anyone who looks for new products in the same Steam, this is familiar — for one or two worthy projects there are several 10 passes.

Kazantsev from Fair games studio new in the full sense of the word will not work. In this small team, they work, as they say, “game development veterans”, and the studio itself is an internal division of the company. Gd forge and has already had a VR adventure Aliens in the Yard, which, however, due to different circumstances did not help Fgs make a name in the industry.

But their subsequent project, Protocol, has every chance to bring the coveted glory to its creators.

“You violated the Protocol”

The near future. The extraterrestrial ship, which decided to glance at earthlings at the light, is shot down by not very benevolent owners of the planet. They knock them off neatly — the intruders do not explode in the air, scattering into small fragments, but make a forced landing in the region of the Arctic Circle, next to the Terminus research station.

The establishment of the first contact is a fundamental task, all the more so that it is overshadowed by the so odd decision of the military about the preemptive attack of the invading ship.

For the same purpose, only the best, most prepared special agent is suitable — you are one of those. Just a flawless fighter who has no shortcomings, except for a small mental injury due to a recent divorce with his wife.

Nobody knows what to expect from intruders, therefore you must obey a serious regulation, the fulfillment of which is watched by an artificial mind. Sign here — and continue not to violate the Protocol. A step to the left, a step to the right — not even a shot, but the elimination of a research complex with all the inhabitants with the help of a nuclear explosion.

Avoid, so to speak.

Conditions are tough, but applicable for the most experienced specialist. True, after arriving at the place there are several special aspects. It is not enough that the landing was an emergency, but some restrictions and tasks of the Protocol look very stupid, so also AI decided to use the image of the former to communicate with you, which you do not really like.

Protocol game reviewThey are in vain. Well, work is work, we will try to cope with the task, not paying attention to the absurdity of the requirements and skipping past the tricks of the AI, straggling the soul that has not calmed down after the divorce.

The cake is a lie

According to the developers, they themselves can not be determined with the genre systematization of their own project. It looks like an ordinary adventure game with tasks like “find the key in the room and open the locked door”. But there are also jokes, puzzle solving, location research …

In the end, most of the gameplay is aimed at players with a VR headset, although, of course, you can do without it.

In general, some time after meeting with Protocol you formulate a completely appropriate definition for yourself — “Russian Portal"In style SOMA, minus the basic mechanics associated with the portals. Here, as in Aperture Science, we are accompanied by a female AI, and the journey takes place inside an abandoned research complex. But the main similarity is still in the other — a sense of obscurity, a gradual exploration of the world, the disclosure is hidden in what happened, after all, the struggle with the essence that guides you throughout the plot.

This component Portal creators Protocol were able to realize and recreate in their own manner — it is impossible to call this in any way conventional copying.

Moreover, the developers have gone much further. The game does not confuse you at all frankly troll, sometimes so skillfully that it remains only to laugh, admitting that he fell for it. For a small spoiler, for example: first, the first chapter of the AI ​​asks you to take a certain remedy, and then, when you do this, it asks you to take "500 units of the green drug." All anything, only here the first medication has a side effect — the character ceases to distinguish colors! They did not have time to figure out where the green ampoules lie — they themselves are to blame.

There are not enough obvious tasks to be vigilant enough, which forces me to carefully monitor my actions, remembering every little thing — who knows that in the next moment the Protocol will require?Protocol game reviewMini-games, sometimes very difficult (mainly because of awkward management), are quite common.

From love to hate

Naturally, this approach to interacting with the player has serious drawbacks. Dirty tricks like the color blindness example above are fun, but there are Protocol things that can cause very different emotions. Simply speaking, you have “bombed” — and more than once.

To the credit of the creators, they warn about this at the very beginning.

Firstly, there is no usual system of saving — only control points. Repeating the same tasks a couple of times because of any stupid error has to be constantly, which, taking into account the stinginess of developers at these very points of conservation, terribly annoying. Sometimes a player must repeat his actions almost from the very beginning of the level, spending a lot of time on it. 2nd annoying feature Protocol — overestimated complexity in some moments. Skirmishes with the "boss" in the fourth chapter or "rail shooter" (who got before the moment, immediately understand what I mean) I will dream in horror: I managed to overcome these episodes only after some completely indecent number of repetitions.

Of course, the save points are not even close at all — you have to run around the locations or listen to the tired dialogue in the cut-scene before another attempt.

Thirdly, there are a lot of bugs and errors. Apparently, it affects the small experience of the creators. Naturally, almost everything has already been fixed with patches, and the rest are enough to sometimes have a desire to abandon the game and remove it without a trace. It’s easier than to fall through the textures or remain without the necessary item to complete the task. The saddest thing is that sometimes it is not clear: should it be so, or does not a certain bug continue?

Protocol game reviewThere is one chan … Especially since all these difficulties, both made by developers intentionally and unexpectedly, are overpowered with all my strength in order to open one more piece of confusing history. The prerequisite for this is a very unique plot and a more unique presentation of it.

Oh, these tales

You never know what awaits you at the next door, what will be the new task from the AI ​​and how we will have to do it in a weird way. You just quietly found a method to leak into a locked room, and after a few minutes trying to survive in such an exciting environment, you can only guess how the creators of the game had enough imagination to come up with all this and put it into practice.

AT Protocol There are a lot of successful jokes on topical issues, but do not expect a blunt scrape for any reason. Humor, black and not very, completely permeates the plot, which first produces a memory of a parody of such projects. But the further, the more serious and exciting the story becomes. Protocol game reviewThese rules, by the way, are also included in the Protocol, be careful.

In the end, you accept any quirks of scriptwriters as due. The entourage allowed them to unfold to the fullest — here for you and the abandoned rooms of the research center, and the galactic ship, which is a living organism, and a journey into virtual reality … The game has eight endings, and not all of them, as it usually happens to various choices in the finishing scene.

In addition, in Protocol a whole bunch of hidden abilities, easter eggs and references. They may not have enough influence on the gameplay, but a similar approach is fun. Some interesting things so deeply hidden that you can find out about them except from the list of achievements in Steam.

On such "little things" as not the most beautiful picture, do not even pay attention. Let the creators do not best use the technological abilities of the engine, but with a designer taste they are all in order.

Separately, it is necessary to note the voice acting — the voices of the main characters belong Petru Glanz (Deadpool in Russian dubbing) and Olga Kravtsova (studio "Cube in the cube"). Is that with the swearing the creators of the dialogues a little overdo it — very often the swearing main character looks a little unnatural. Although, taking into account the incident, it can be realized — during the passage of certain episodes, I want to swear no less.Protocol game reviewI assure you that by the end of the game you will not tolerate these drones with ferocious hatred. *** One of the main purposes of video games is to bestow different emotions (even if not always positive), and Protocol perfectly cope with this task.

Fair games studio I was able to do something that often fails to much more experienced developers: despite all their shortcomings, in the main technical plan, the project carries away.

Protocol — not for wimps. Those who, without the help of others, want to cope with all the requirements of the Protocol and uncover the hidden "Terminus", you should know: the game, as if the AI ​​in the form of the former spouse of the main character, will scoff at you in every way. Yet you will love her.

Pros: fascinating plot; good humor; unpredictable tasks and methods for their implementation; unique entourage; different passing options.

Minuses: errors; increased complexity in certain moments; awkward saving system.

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