Prey: Mooncrash: How to leave Pythas

If Prey was partly a linear action game, then DLC Mooncrash offers gamers a randomized walk on a moon base teeming with typhons. To survive, you must constantly weigh different possibilities, leave objects for different characters and look for ways to deal with enemies. We will tell you about the most important aspects of the game below.

The first game character to which you have access in the supplement is a volunteer. Andrew Alekna uses her psi-abilities and gathering skills for escape from Pifea. Modeling the base, the location of many objects and opponents each time is different, but still some things remain the same.

The first evacuation must be carried out using a rescue capsule.

Passage of Prey Mooncrash: how to leave


Basic Supplement Basics

You will only have one life for each character. If you have several unlocked heroes, you can continue the simulation even after the first one dies. Automatic switching will occur.

If all your characters die (initially you only have one), then the simulation will be reset. When this happens, everything on the base of «Pypheus» changes. Objects spawn randomly, as well as enemies.

In order to survive, you will have to find weapons, drugs and neuromodas for upgrading abilities. You need to play reasonably, very carefully and explore different routes, while acting quickly. Each character has unique stats.

If you find upgrades for skills of one of the characters, then note that they will be lowered to the default value when you restart the simulation.

Imagine that the developers took Morgan Yu, the protagonist of the original game, and distributed all the skills available to him between five separate characters. So it happened in the mooncrash.

Find the blueprints for making items and you can create a lot of available tools, using up resources before running the simulation. Once the drawing is unlocked, you can save it forever.

The first passing for a volunteer is likely to lead to death — powerful facial expressions usually kill you. Each character has two goals — the main and plot. First do the main one.

It is about her, we describe below — «Evacuation from the moon.»

How to evacuate from the moon

We recommend carrying a pistol with a silencer.

Passage of Prey Mooncrash: how to leave

Silent pistol.

When you run the simulation, collect the key card and the drawing of the silent pistol from the dead body. All this is always on this corpse. Make this gun on the second run of the simulation. In the second room you will find the first gates of typhons. They block the path further as long as there are alien enemies in the area.

Interact with the gate so that all the typhoons in the area are marked with markers on the interface. Ideally, you need to look for the gate, and then to explore the region.

As a volunteer, you can improve your psi skills based on typhon. If you improve too many skills, the game will recognize you as a typhon and you will not be able to pass through the gate. Use an EMP or electric weapon to shut off the gate and go on.

You can do this if you do not wish to hunt all typhons in the area.

In the first outdoor area, hurry to get to the typhon gate in the lower left corner and scan the area. You probably won’t have an EMP yet, so kill all the mimics that were marked by the game to unlock the path to the Crater. When the area is cleaned, you can search the dead bodies.

Once in the Crater, you will receive a new task — to gain access to the security station workstation located in the center of the building. In this area you will find phantoms and engulfed engineers. You will need a weapon — do not use operators if it is not needed.

Phantoms can be killed with a pistol. In the future, will have to face a large number of operators. There are several types of weapons that can be found in the Crater — EMI-charges, beam guns and an energy pistol. On the corpse near the entrance to the crater will lie a corpse with useful items.

Do not forget to use turrets.

Before you go down, you need to find a neuromode. Collect one of them and use it to unlock Blast’s psi ability. This is a powerful and incredibly useful skill that allows you to overcome enemies in a dungeon. Move to the far left corner of the Crater, moving along the path to the saving capsule. Here will be the gates of typhon.

Kill them all or use a stun gun (stunner). In the dungeon, use the Blast psi skill to kill the cystoid nests. You can pick up a shotgun and other useful items, but do not forget that to pass the simulation by other characters do not need to pick up everything.

Open the «Utilities» on the security station, then check the status of the rescue capsules. You will find that one of them in the Crater is still functioning.

You can take the elevator to the command center, where there is a factory and utilizer. Use them if necessary. Return to the main Crater area and find one available door. There will be typhon gates (in the lower left corner of the entrance), so you can highlight all the enemies on the map. The last room is guarded by two operators and a damaged collector.

You can sneak past them and turn off the gates with an EMP or stunner, or kill them all.

Since the operators and the collector are absorbed, they are recognized as typhon enemies. Usually they are all friendly, but if you have too many typhons, the hero will be attacked. Without a ray gun to destroy these armored vehicles is not so easy.

Use the Blast psi skill or shoot exploding barrels to stun opponents. It’s not easy to kill robots with a regular shotgun or pistol — shoot at the open panel on the back.

When you clean the room, go up the stairs. Open the door with the button and use the escape terminal. You may need a navigation chip — it will need to be crafted or found in another, non-working rescue capsule.

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