Prey: Mooncrash: How to get a psychostatic cutter

In addition to the new location, which appears in the Prey, the addition of Mooncrash provides access to some new types of weapons. These include the typhon grenade, but the best is a psychostatic cutter that can destroy the most powerful alien creatures.

As the name implies, the properties of weapons associated with psychostatics. Using it, spending PSI-glasses, you can do special damage to opponents. You do not need to unlock the typhon skills for neuromuses.

For some characters for which you will play, access to such skills is denied, but a supply of psi can be spent on the use of this blade.

Prey Mooncrash: how to get a psychostatic cutter

Description cutter.

Psychostatic cutter — a powerful weapon in the fight against typhons. It is located in the laboratories of Pifei, lies in the same place and is always updated to the elite. Do not forget that only one character will be able to use the objects found — for all others within the same simulation, the collected object cannot be found.

As soon as you have access to explore the entire lunar base, then you can get this cutter. Go to the first floor of the laboratories «Pifeya» and look for the section Typhon Sciences. From there, enter the psychometrics office and inside you will find the container in which the necessary melee weapon lies.

Use the utilities tab on the workstation to unlock the container with the weapon. Now you can get an elite psychostatic cutter — a completely improved version of the weapon.

Prey Mooncrash: how to get a psychostatic cutter

Found cutter.

Striking usual blows, you spend endurance, special ones — stock of PSI. Recent attacks ignore any physical barriers, allowing them to attack opponents through doors and walls.

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