[Podcast] Ark: Survival Evolved — Speak about the game with Goh’a

A fresh podcast appeared on our YouTube channel, dedicated to the unusual and interesting survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. At one time, we even had our own servers and, now we decided to once again recall the project. Garro and GoHa will tell you about him.

You can listen and discuss the podcast in this thread.

«ARK: Survival Evolved is a game about survival in the world of dinosaurs. Together with other players you have to land on the mystical island of Ark and build on it a new civilization. You will fight together with powerful and dangerous dinosaurs, collect resources, grow fruits and vegetables, build houses and fences.

Your task is to survive, to conquer the island from nature (and on PvP servers and from other players) and turn it into your home. «

More information about Ark: Survival Evolved can be found in the appropriate section of our forum.

YouTube (short)

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