PlayStation 4 Path of Exile Trailer

Grinding Gear Games showed the release trailer for Path of Exile on PS4. While everyone is discussing the “promising” Diablo Immortal, the spiritual heir to the original Diablo is growing in size. According to the developers, the PS4 version will be identical to the Xbox version.

All key management features will be adapted for the PS4 gamepad, which will allow you to enjoy one of the best Action-RPGs at the moment.

For the complete conquest of the market it remains to release a version of PoE for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Diablo fans still continue to attack all kinds of resources related to Diablo Immortal. Players have been waiting for the release of the fourth part for a long time, and after a major disappointment they cite as an example the Path of Exile.

The game is regularly included in the top 10 online on Steam, and in March a record online score was set — 112,800 players.

There is no exact release date yet, but the output is scheduled along with a major update 3.5, which will take place in early December.

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