Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: the passage of the jobs of the factions (the Royal shopping archipelago)

Brass Empire

I was found in the Palace with Hasani punishment of the Royal company Islands. Perhaps it would be useful to talk to her.

To begin this mission, follow the serpent Crown, the upper point of Nikitaki. There we get to one of the topical tasks – «Core Eory», which implies a conversation with Queen Necati II. During the interview with her will appear Hasani Kara, leader of the Royal company of the Archipelago, whose headquarters is located in the Brass citadel.

This will lead to the beginning of the task.

The passage of the jobs of the factions Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (Royal shopping Archipelago)

Hasani Punishment.

Go to the Brass citadel, we went inside the headquarters at the top and in the room on the left find Hasani punishment. Talk to Kara to finish the current job. If you have not previously dealt with punishment, you will have to visit Azure located on the lower floor.

This character will give us two tasks – «Storm Poko Koharu» and «Vague».

Award: 6075 experience points

Vague prospects

Acura asked me to thwart the plans of Valinskas trading company in Poko Kohara.

Follow the Brass citadel, included in the staff and down to the lower floors where the room on the right is the Acura. Communicate with the character to get the current job that runs with the mission «Storm Poko Koharu».

The passage of the jobs of the factions Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (Royal shopping Archipelago)


Performed the task at their own discretion, deciding to destroy or clear a shining Pillar of Adra on the island of Poco Kohara. Something that will be eventually chosen, exclusively affects the final award will receive a great reward from the Royal Valiance or company depending on the decision.

Independently activated new story mission.

Award: 2430 fetters of experience and 1350 copper, if restored Adra.

Important Hasani Cara asked for my help in a delicate matter.

The job is taken the same as the quest «Vague», Azure from the lower floor of the headquarters in the Brass citadel. This can be done after the events on the island of Poco Kohary. No matter which side you choose there, because the Acura will still give the job.

On the ship sailing to the left side of Nikitaki to coastal waters to meet another ship, where Wide. Here you either pay 1000 coins, or to persuade the smugglers to give the product, or to kill all who stand in our way. Anyway, collect the crates from the deck of an enemy vessel, and affirm the departure.

Back to Acura and pick up the award along with a new mission.

Award: 12 150 experience points, 350 copper.

Unrestrained growth

The commander of the fleet, Okaya asked me to identify the source of magical activity, where the corals in the port Sayuki began to grow uncontrollably.

From the Royal company of the Archipelago you will know that need help on Sauce. Sail to the island up from Nikitaki to put on Siucu. At the headquarters communicate with the commander of the fleet Okaya.

Follow in the adjacent building to chat with Everway, which will tell you everything what he thinks about the tremors.

Access to the open sea. Near the island is a place called the Signat more. Interact with him and landed in the reefs.

We kill a few hunters around a huge depression, and then follow on.

Studied underwater cave. The main door is closed, so you need to find the key. It is located on the stone table in the bottom left of the cave.

This table is one for the whole location, so by him we get. Pick up the key, follow the new part of the cave. Your task at this location is associated with a trip of four mechanisms – one huge and three small. The big machine is in the room with the shining Pillar of Adra.

In addition, the cave has a secret room, in which you can get by solving puzzles. You need to consistently choose four creatures (in the order in which they were created by people who worked in the cave). At the end is the Kraken, the first three creatures I propose to set yourself (and combinations not so much).

The description of these creatures can be found in the wall paintings of the cave. Failed? Then here’s the right combination: snake, shark, whale, Kraken.

In the secret room behind the door is a great weapon.

There are several solutions to the problem. When we try to disable the main mechanism, it will be Galavan. He offered to leave the mechanism alone, but to disable three pylons scattered around the cave. You can listen to it, but in this case, the commander of the fleet, Okaya will be unhappy that the indiscriminate growth of corals is not stopped.

If you disconnect mechanism, Okaya will be satisfied with the work done.

The passage of the jobs of the factions Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (Royal shopping Archipelago)


Anyway, when returning back to the hall with a huge hole we are in for a battle with a giant octopus a Kraken. Having dealt with the monster, return to Okie for the reward and quest completion.

Award: 1800 copper, 18 225 experience points.

Cleansing Crosspure

The commander of the fleet, Ocaya said that Acura wants to offer a new job.

If helped on the island Sauce and passed the quest, Okie, fleet commander will report that Acura needs our help. Return Nakitaku, down on the ground floor of the headquarters in the Brass citadel and communicate with Azurai to activate the job.

It turns out that Acura is asking the main character to clear Krusper from inhabiting the island of slavers. If you completed the task of vahki, and you helped Eldis to cope with Ferrante, this task will be performed automatically. If this is not done, then be sure to review the assignment «Ugly freight»!

Award: 1200 copper, 24 300 experience points.

The final maneuver

Have hsenwi Cara is my last request.

This mission will begin after you start story mission «the Gathering storm». Go to hsenwi Cara at the headquarters of the Brass citadel and talk to her to learn the needs of the Royal company. It appears that the company has long wanted to overthrow the current government in the face of the Queen Onecase II.

Travel to the serpent Crown to deal with the Prince. After his death the Queen will run away, and we can complete the job and to enlist the support of the Royal company in a subject to be addressed.

The passage of the jobs of the factions Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (Royal shopping Archipelago)


Go to Ociso will be on unique submarine!

Award: 78 975 experience points, 2000 copper.

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