Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Passing the tasks of the factions (Princip)

The disagreement between Furrante and Eldis reached a critical point, and Furrante demanded that she answer for her crimes before Principipi — and appointed me as executioner.

To take this task, you need to get to the plot «The Coming Storm.» Before him will have to decide the fate of slaves Cruxpur — help them or kill everyone. Your decision does not matter!

Passage of tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Princip)


Travel to Dennage at the request of Furrante. The old man wants Eldis dead, but she wants the same. Now you need to decide whom to kill, and whom to make King Principe.

Regardless of which choice King Principe will help you to crawl through the storm, talking about the ghost ship. So start the task «Dance with death.»

Reward: 36,450 experience points.

Smoke prey

Furrante, the leader of Principe Saint Patren, told me who this pirate was, that he attacked me at sea, and where to find him. This is Captain Benvet, who has taken refuge in a pirate refuge — Fort Dead Light. Furrante told me that in Fort Dead Light I will be able to take revenge, and this will serve our common interests: Benvet interferes with his plans.

When you leave the island of Mazhe, you will catch up with a pirate ship with Captain Furrante on board. He will propose a lucrative deal related to the murder of Benvet, who attacked “The Rebellious” at the very beginning of the game.

If you agree to help, go to the fort of the Dead Light. To find it faster, use the Known Places drop-down menu located at the top left of the screen. Moor to the fort. It is advisable to get close to it silently, otherwise you will have to fight with all those who inhabit it.

In the first case, you will find yourself on the shore from the side — interact with the stones and use a rope with a hook or athletics to get inside the fortress.

Follow forward until the guard catches you. If you do not want problems, then agree to leave the fortress. You will find yourself in the yard.

Any pirate attacked blows the alarm through the horn, so killing someone is noiselessly difficult. Also, you are attacked by a pirate, whom you twice caught your eye on when visiting some forbidden territory.

Surrendering and hitting the yard, explore this place. Benvet hides in his chambers — you can get there by fight, and you can go a more cunning way. Rise a little higher and in the center of the fortress find the door leading to the tavern. For some reason, when you hover the cursor, it will be called “Courtyard”.

There will be two characters of interest to you — Siri and Mirke. The first is needed on the personal quest of Serafen, the second — on the current task. Talk to Mirka and persuade to help in order to lure Benvet.

Mirka will say that for this you need to throw a good party.

In addition, Mirke will tell about the passion of Benvet, who loves to play the harpsichord on the right. You can immediately interact with a musical instrument to plant a bomb inside. You can buy it from the merchant of the Dead Light, located on the right side of a huge courtyard.

You can plant a bomb yourself without being interested in Mirka.

The first thing that is required for a good party is rum from Eldis’ personal reserves. Exit to the main courtyard and go to the right. There will be steps leading up to the door.

The door is guarded by a pirate — either you need to convince her to skip a group of heroes, or to distract her in some way. Chat with Mirka and Siri (after the conversation with the pirate) about her to find out that she owes money to a certain gambler who constantly deceives her. Go to her and tell about it. More woman near the door will not appear. There is another way — near the entrance gate, on the left side is the same sharpie.

Even to the left, in the corner, you can see the load suspended on a rope. You can cut him off, which will cause panic — the very guard will come running here. But the woman will leave her post for a short time — you will have one attempt to get to the upper tier.

Upstairs, right on the roof there will be several clusters of cargo. Among the bottom in the locked chest is the right bottle of rum. Return to Mirka and pass the bottle to continue the quest.

Next you need to get a good snack. Descend from the chef fortress. To do this, go down to the dungeon from which you were thrown out. If the rum was delivered to Mirka, then at the entrance to the dungeon you will see several pirates leaving it.

Go up and get to the kitchen to get the stew. The kitchen has a staircase leading up to the tavern. You can use it, but you have to break the door.

Give the stew Mirke, then watch the cut-scene. At the end of it, Benvet will appear, play the harpsichord and die (if you planted the bomb).

Once this happens, the task will be completed, and you will only have to visit Dennadj and chat with Furrante about the next quest. After Benveth’s death, the minimum number of guards will remain in the Dead Light.

Dance with death

Aldis asked me to meet her at Dunnedge, from where she was going to organize a hunt for Lucia Rivan’s ghostly ship, the Floating Hangman.

This quest will be available after talking with Algys or Furrante at the end of the Thieves Honor quest. Let me remind you that after it is completed, one of these characters must remain alive, who will become King Principe, sitting on Dennadzh Island. After the conversation, follow to Nekitaka and go to the location «Sacred Steps».

Enter inside the tomb in the lower left part and find the tomb of Izeir guarding the est.

If you fail to convince him, you will have to fight with the guard, and then pick up the item. Next, go to sea, go to the deck of your own ship and open the inventory. In the quest items there will be a checkbox — right-click on it, then select the command associated with reading the oath.

Passage of tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Princip)

The right sword.

This will result in a ghostly vessel. There are several options for persuasion, including the exchange of estok for a ship, but if nothing happens, then the opponents will have to be destroyed.

When you have at your disposal the ship «Floating Hangy», you can continue the story task «The Coming Storm» and get through the storm in the upper right corner of the world map. So you get to the island of Ukizo.

Reward: 48,606 experience points.

Symbols of death

Captain Furrante sent a messenger to summon me to Dennage. The leader of Consualo mon Casitas wants to discuss with me the possibility of cooperation.

When you complete Furrante’s mission and kill Benveta, after a while you will receive a message from him about a proposal to meet at Dennadzhe. Go to this island on the left edge of the map and visit the signal tower. Chat with Furrante on all topics, which will lead to the completion of the task, as well as the beginning of the quest «Doubtful Offer».

Passage of tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Princip)

Captain Furrante on Dennadzhe.

Reward: 24 300 experience points, honest captain’s belt.

Dubious offer

Captain Furrante has a rich partner who does business with the slavers of Cruxpur. Recently, however, disagreements with local residents have prevented them from using ordinary trade routes.

This quest will give captain Furrante, who wants you to help the slave traders of the island of Crookspur. Move to the specified island. On his way there will be a message from Captain Eldis, who wants to meet with the main character in Fort Dead Light.

Go there and talk with the girl on all topics in order to learn about her counter offer — not to help, but to kill the slave traders Krukspur.

Also, Eldis asks for different information about Captain Furrante, promising a valuable reward for her. Share your knowledge with her and get well-deserved copper. This will not affect your relationship with Furranta!

Swim to the island where you will be met by a girl who is an agent of Eldis.

Passage of tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Princip)

Seafol, agent Eldis on Cruxpur.

Talk to her. To her right there is a cave through which you can enter the dungeons with the prisoners. To her left is the bridge, which you will be lowered, if you say you came to buy slaves.

You can just kill all opponents, if you want to help Eldis, but even in this case, I do not recommend this. First visit Master Kua and talk to him. He will ask to deal with the leaders of the tribe living on Ori-o-Koiki.

Go there and have a talk with their head, Roasare.

Passage of tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Princip)


If you decide to help the slavers, then you will need to complete the task «Spearhead.» If you decide to confess to all Ruasare and warn the tribe, you will receive a response task «Ugly Cargo.» So, even if you decided to help Eldis, first visit the island and take a parallel quest from Ruasare, which will allow for the destruction of the slave traders to get a double reward.

Plus gain the trust of the tribe.

The descriptions of each of these quests are given separately.

Reward: 2500 copper, 30 375 experience points. Furrante will reward you with the Flotoboy crossbow, and Eldis with the Black Blade’s cloak.

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