Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Passing the tasks of the factions

For the Republic!

In the palace, I met with Nirro, a representative of a Wailian trading company. It seems that the Vaillians came to the Archipelago seriously and for a long time. It is probably worth a look at their headquarters and get acquainted with the authorities.

We follow to the «Serpent Crown», located on the top of the capital of the Archipelago Nekitake, we enter inside the palace, where we are directed within the framework of the plot task. In addition to the conversation with Onekaza II, which is required for the quest of «The Vests of Eora», we will have a word with Nirro, which will lead to the beginning of the current mission.

Moving to the headquarters of the Wylian trading company, which is located on the queen’s pier. You need to visit it in the daytime so that the building is open. We speak to the governor, who is waiting for the hero in the office. If the cabinet is closed, then we first interact with the governor’s bodyguard. He agrees to open it and admit to the reception.

After the conversation with the governor, the task will be completed, but we will be able to continue the fractional line with the next quest.

Reward: 6075 experience points and 1000 copper if you fulfill the test conditions.

Terms of trade

A Wylian trading company sent an expedition in search of an island called Poko Kohara. Scientists have not returned.

This quest will be available automatically after the execution of the storyline of «Eore’s Veins». We associate with the governor, who is located in the headquarters of the Wyillians on the queen’s pier. This mission can be completed in parallel with the Storm Poko Kohary quest.

We carry it out at our discretion, and at the end of the action we return to the governor and tell about the incident, trying to explain the choice made (even if it is not in favor of the Wylians). Nevertheless, the choice made affects the reward — you either meet the needs of the Wyllians, or do what the Royal Archipelago company wants. Depending on this, one company will give a larger one, and the other a smaller reward.

Even if you do not take the side of the Vylians, the governor will still allow you to complete the next task.

Reward: 1700 copper, 3000 experience points.

Dirty laundry

The director Castol said that the spy of the Vailian trading company reported a secret meeting between an official from the Vailian company Kvarno and captain Principe named Toil.

After completing the Storm Poko Kohara mission and the previous Terms of Trade mission, you need to talk again with the governor, who will introduce the heroes to the director Castol. It is he who will issue a new task.

Climb up to the elevation of the Perika of Nekitaka Island and enter the shining baths. On the second floor you can meet with a spy named Bryzzi. We inform her that we are ready to begin the operation. This will lead to a load, after which the heroes will be at the bottom partially stripped and without arms, pretending to be servants. Brytstsi will give two bottles of rice wine.

They are passed to Toila, who is sitting in the pool, so that she can get drunk and talk, giving a secret. If we can pass the test, then we can extract some of the information from Kvarno, selling powerful tools for the ship to the filibusters.

When we find out everything, we leave the bath to automatically return our things. Follow to the queen’s quay and in the headquarters of the Wyllians we talk with the director Castol, who accepts the assignment.

Reward: 18,225 experience points, 1,400 copper.

Two of a Kind

This task will be given by Director Castol. He collaborates with Captain Principy Furrante and sends you to Dennadj to sign a new deal. We follow there.

We associate with Furrante and find out that he needs help with the slave traders of the island of Crookspur. The task is related to several quests Principe. You can help Master Nuah from Cruxpur or destroy the slavers that Eldis, Furrante’s opponent, wants.

In the second case, the current quest will be failed. Descriptions of tasks will be given in a separate article.

Vote of no confidence

Lueva Alvari convened a meeting of key investors of the Vaylian trading company and demands that Kastol be removed from the post of director.

The current quest begins after completing the “Forward into Unknown” mission. We descend downwards and in the headquarters of the Vylians we talk with the governor Alvari. She will convene investors and try to overthrow the director Castol.

We decide who to support in this dispute. In the end, you’ll have to talk with the man who you stood up for at the meeting of investors.

Passage of the tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Wylian Trading Company)

Lueva Alvari.

Reward: 30,375 experience points, 2000 copper

Brass Citadel Dive

Now that nothing threatens her position, Director Alvari has put me in her plan. She wants to undermine the influence of the Royal Archipelago company by blowing up their powder warehouse.

The quest is taken either from Alvari or Castol, depending on which of the two characters you supported during the “Vote of Mistrust” mission. We associate with the old or new director and follow the “Sacred Stages”, where Flaine Elett is engaged in research in the field of animanty on the roof of the Spire of the Divinators of Souls. We speak with her and agree to proceed with the task — she teleports the heroes to the powder warehouse of the Royal Archipelago Company.

Where you need to make a diversion.

You can try to act covertly by activating the stealth mode with the Alt key, or you can destroy all opponents. The main task is to get to the lower left corner of the warehouse, where a large boiler is located, in which explosives can be laid. Having done this, we leave the warehouse, killing inspectors on the way or bypassing them in a secretive mode.

Getting out, we observe the explosion, after which we find ourselves on the streets of Nekitaki.

We return to the headquarters of the Vaillians, where the assistant director will stop us. She will report that the Queen gathered representatives of all factions in order to discuss the explosion that occurred. You can do differently — say that we arranged the explosion, which would lead to the beginning of the battle, declare that the Wylans were to blame for everything or indicate that they did not see anyone, as Director Castol (or Alvari) had planned.

Depending on the choice made, you can enlist the support of the Vaylians or Onekaza II and continue the plot task “The Coming Storm” … For the Royal Company, you will have to perform a completely different task.

Reward: 36,450 experience points, 5,000 copper.

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