Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: passing the task satellites

Alot of personal quest: Motley mask

The last five years, Alot tried to turn Lead key strength, which is good, but it was not so easy. He needs my help: they are looking for a branch key in the Archipelago, where he hopes to understand or learn something new.

Job plot of one of your potential companions, a wood elf by the name Alot, known by the first part of the game. You can find alot of Anglicanka excavations on the island of the Mages, to the East of the Port of IAW. There you will be taken for two story missions.

In the center location walk two young Panthers. Kill them, then open the chamber in which people are hiding.

Take alot of the team and wait for the arrival of Nakitaku, the island on which is located the capital of the Archipelago of the Dead Fire. Here Alot and talk. Chat with him, after which the target job will be updated and will need to wait as the elf decides to continue the story.

It will happen pretty soon. You will likely need to get to the island of yell-o-Koiki. On this island live the people of the tribe, vahki whose leader is Rasare. Talk to the head of Wahabi, climb into the soul and find out what happened to Taos.

After this talk with Alot to complete a personal quest companion.

Award: 12 150 experience points.

Personal quest Zoti: the Lantern of Ghana

Zoti chasing Autocom throughout the archipelago of the Dead Fire, at the same time trying to fulfill your duty to Ghounem. It is the prodigal Child of the Morning Star gathers the souls of the dead, but I fear that her gift has a downside.

In Port IAW, located on the first island of the Archipelago of the Dead Fire, follow the lower part of the city to get to the camp of the Children of the Morning Star, the followers of Eotas. Talk with the main priestess that joined Zoti, another companion of the Guardian. Take it to your team.

Talk about everything and be able to run a personal quest companion.

Just keep doing the storyline and side quests, allowing the priestess (or the monk, depending on selection) to collect the lantern of Ghana soul. By the way, Shaun – one of the incarnations of Eotas. In the end, the lantern will gather too many souls, so Zoti will be asked to go with her to the temple of Ghana for ritual cleansing. The temple is located on the «Sacred Steps» Islands Nikitka, in the Eastern part.

Follow inside the cave room and click on the big statue.

Wait one night to Zoti sleep, and then on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen will display the image dialog box. Click on it to start a conversation with Zoti. Goals will be updated and you will have to decide what to do – to communicate with the Flaun, Elect, passing it the collected souls, or interact with any shining Pillars of Adra, having a lantern and sending souls to the Wheel.

Regardless of the choice after the devastation of the lantern of Ghana the quest will be completed receive the same reward.

By the way, and Flaun, Elect, and the closest Pillar of Eternity are on the roof of the Spire Diviners shower, located on the «Sacred Steps», so a long walk is not necessary. In addition, you can save before making the decision and see both endings of the quest.

Award: 12 150 experience points, crystal luminous Adra.

Personal quest Maya: Call of the courier

Take in the squad Maya and talk to her to start the task. You will need to deliver letters to two characters – Tuage and Aram. The first woman is in Port IAW, to the left of the tavern «Kraken’s Eye».

Talk to her and know that someone is following her. Inspect the location and find the artisan of the tribe of WAN. Talk to him, can fight or convince them to stop spying.

Give letters Tuage. If you can convince Tuage to pick up a letter, not having dealt with a Stalker, then she will be killed.

Next, go to Tikvara where in the village centre will meet Aram. Help him deal with the rebellious villagers, and then pass the letter. If you do not help Aram, he would be killed.

Follow Nakitaku, go to the Brass citadel, where Maya will leave you temporarily. Further it is to wait for her return, to communicate on all topics and go inside the citadel to the lower bunk to talk to Acuras.

Personal quest Paladini: a Connoisseur of bells

When in your party will Palagina, then go on the Sacred steps. Taking a few steps, you will be stopped by Paladini that tell of his mission. Look at the Spire Diviners shower and a rooftop chat with the Flaun, Elect.

She will talk about where to find Jacolo.

Go to the tavern «hole» in the «Throat», climb to the second floor and inspect the room with different equipment. It is the closest to the stairs. Go downstairs and ask the innkeeper for a room Jacolo.

Follow Rotten row, find a corpse with soul and examine it, to see what Dakolo took godlike pirates on Denag. Move them to the island, find the captain Hatzala and talk to him. You need to either kill him or convince to leave Jacolo alone.

In the second case, it could end in different ways: Tatzel let Jacolo, but will select a research or Tatzel let Jacola and will allow to continue the study.

Personal quest Serafina: the Sorcerer and Slacker

Serafin asks to help him find the old pirate by the name of Ramiro.

Quest from another companion by the name of Serafin that will join your squad after you will repair «Rebellious» and go out into the sea, leaving the Isle of the Mages.

Serafin wants to find an old friend, Ramiro. Your partner will be told that to know where went, Remaro, can Siri, located in the tavern of the Fort a Dead Light. Go to the yard of the tavern the stairs in the center of the Fort.

In addition to Siri here can meet World – important character that will help you to lure him out of his chambers the captain Benita attacked «Rebellious» in the beginning of the game.

Talk to Siri and use the conviction to establish their relationship with Serafina. In the end, you will be able to know where he went, Remaro. Siri will report that the old filibuster in a hurry left a Dead light. However, she was unable to understand in which direction the ship sailed, Remaro.

You will also learn that settled, Remaro in the back room of the right wing.

At the top of the pub there is a closed door that early in the game can’t be opened. You can act in several ways, one of them is to cut out all the pirates in the pub the other quest that allows you to lure and kill Benita. After the death of the latter, by the way, Forte will remain the minimum number of pirates, so you can explore all the previously forbidden region.

To get on the other side of the hallway through the kitchen – to do this go into the main courtyard of the fortress and find the door at the bottom leading into the dungeon. From the kitchen there is a staircase that connects her distant, the residential wing of the pub. Go to the right room, and then Serafin will automatically stop the group, saying that this is next to the chest of Remara.

In the dialogue you learn that Ramiro decided to visit a bathhouse, located on Rikitake.

The passage of jobs satellites Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Remaro on Sasuke.

Head to the capital of the Archipelago and from the «Pier Queen» climb up to be on the hills Perici. It has built and for years operated a radiant bath. Go inside and near the pool, in the left side of the room look to Udine. Talk to the woman to tell me about Remero.

The man went on Siucu.

Swim to the North of Nikitaki to find the right island. Moored, climb to the top of the fortress to the yard to meet Ramiro. Talk on all topics and make a decision.

No need to give it a pirate Tribunal, otherwise Serafin will leave the team.

Award: 9990 experience points blunderbuss «Laid a charge» hat «Honest grace» that was released, Ramara and protected him from Consuelo.

Personal quest Eder: the Path of light

Eder wants to meet again with the woman he once knew. He thinks she’s settled on the archipelago of the Dead Fire with the Children of the Morning Star.

When you get to the pier, Vilario after a shipwreck, he will meet survivors of Adair. He will join your team. Quest will become available after you get into the Sweat-IAW and socialize with Children of the Morning Star, located in the lower part of the location. By the way, there you will find another companion, Zoti.

So, during the conversation with the Zoti and the old servant Eder wants to talk to you. Chat with him to find out about an old friend that he has long wanted to find.

The woman went to the Children of the Morning Star, wanting to follow their cult. Again, talk to the nun Children of the Morning Star in Port Mages, talking woman and get another goal – to meet Nordland, an elder of the sect, which is in the Church of Ghana on the island Akitaka. Go there, navigate to the location of the «Holy steps» and enter the temple which is in the Eastern part.

Here is Nordland talk with the woman and learn that Elaphite left Nakitaku and went to Bongo, and together with his son.

The passage of jobs satellites Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


Bongo, you will need to visit a plot job. Clean the island from enemies and activate beacon, then return back to the pier. Here, on the left side it will appear to the survivors, among them is Byrne. Talk to the guy and try to inquire about Alavi.

Turns out that Byrne is the son of Alavi, who died long ago. In addition, Byrne will tell you that he wants to join the Partisans the path of Light, gathering in the temple of Eotas.

The passage of jobs satellites Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


Float on Nakitaku and follow to the «Sacred steps». Go inside the temple in the Eastern part, where you have already visited. In the left room is a priestess by the name of Fire.

Talk to her to learn about the ship, sailing with Nikitaki to the side of the Teeth Magran where the novices want to sacrifice themselves in the name of Eotas.

Go to the pier «Pier Queen» and finds that the ship has sailed. You will stop Eder, who asked immediately to go in pursuit of the ship. Agree, then swim to the North of Nikitaki.

Opening the map of the world, by the way, you can find the right ship. Catch up with the ship near the Islands Teeth Magran, interact with him and kill the people on the upper deck. Go down to see Byrne and the chief Minister. Try to convince the young man that he should not take poison.

If you manage to rescue him, then escort the guy to Bongo where and completed a personal quest Eder.

Award: 9450 experience points.

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