Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Passing assignments factions (One)

Trade secrets

Prince Aruyhi received information that somewhere in the area for the ropair, known as the Throat, there is a black market, and now he wants to understand where he takes the goods from.

Go to the Serpent Crown and go to the first tier of the palace, where the Prince of Aruyhi. Chat with him to take the current task. The fulfillment of this mission is connected with the search for the Rotten Series, what you will do in the framework of the homonymous secondary task. It is easy to learn the location of this market — talk to the owner of the Hole tavern located in Glotka.

If it does not help, then ask other characters of the same location.

When you find out the location of the rotten series, you will need to decide — let the prince deal with the smugglers or persuade to leave everything as it is.

Reward: 12 150 experience points, 1500 copper.

The last refuge

Prince Aruyhi sent an expedition to the islands of Motaré-o-Kozi, which served as a sanctuary and shelter in the days of Ukaizo. Aruyhi believes that it is there that you can find information about the location of the lost city. However, the researchers never returned.

This quest is taken from the same Prince Aruykhi, located on the first tier of the palace in the Serpent Crown. You can take the task after it is decided on the mission «Commercial Secrets». Follow the upper right corner of the map, in the direction of the accumulation of the storm, until you find yourself in the ruins of Mottare o Kozy.

Explore this island and deal with opponents in the location.

Soon you will find a rotten lady. You can kill her, but there is another option — convince her to cure the tree. If she agrees, either heal the tree (which will save the woman), or destroy it.

Next, you will need to find on the location of two gold rings. One of them is in the tree, and the other is in a small alcove in the upper right corner, where there will be a panther.

When you collect the rings, then find in the center of the location of the ruins with a strange mechanism. Use the rings on them, and then solve the puzzle.

Passage of the tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Uana)

Gold ring.

The correct combination will be as follows:

— Koi fruit;

— shining adra;

water spellcasters;

— Ukizo.

This will allow you to find out about the location of Ukaizo You can destroy the rings so that no one else can get there. You can leave everything as it is, but when sailing from the island you will be attacked by the Royal Archipelago Company.

Or intimidate them, or give the data for a valuable reward, or deal with impudent. Returning the data to Prince Aruyhi, take the reward.

Reward: 18,225 experience points, 1,700 copper (250 copper bonus on successful persuasion).

Fruitful union

Queen Onekaza asks me to help in negotiations with the Wahaki tribe. Despite their mistrust and even hostility, she believes. That this tribe can become an important ally.

To begin the assignment, chat with Onekaza II on the roof of the palace in the Serpent Crown. This can be done after the completion of the quest «Shadow under Nekitakoy.» Or, if you can find the mortally wounded Maya and return the baton, leaving the temple of the water spellcasters.

Passage of the tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Uana)

Meeting with Onekazoy on the plot.

If you helped the tribe with Ory-o-Koiki, then follow Roasare, talk to the girl and ask to unite with the queen. Report on the success of Onekaze. If Roasare was killed, this task will not pass.

Reward: 24 300 experience points, 2500 copper.

Out of business

Queen of Onekaz asks for help. She wants to destroy the powder warehouse Rauatai and accuse the Wailian trading company of sabotage. Thus, the former will weaken militarily.

And the leaders of the second will appear in the eyes of the locals in a bad light.

The quest is issued by the queen of Onekaz II in the event that you decide to use her help according to the plot task “The Coming Storm”. She wants you to blow up the powder warehouse in the Brass Citadel. How exactly do you do it, decide for yourself.

Passage of the tasks of the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire factions (Uana)

Powder warehouse.

But at the end there will be a meeting at which you can act as agreed with the queen, or declare that it is she who set everything up. In the second case, the director Castol will run away from the palace, and you will have to kill the prince and the chazanui Karu (with their subordinates, who will also fight among themselves).

If you have helped Onekaze, she will give you the aid of storm spellcasters who can lead the ship through the storm.

If you choose the second option, then go to the Vailians — the director Castol will be pleased that you did not set up a trading company, so you will agree to help with the storm.

Reward: 72,900 experience points.

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