Path of Exile — what to prepare players

Not long ago, the developers of Grinding Gear Games has shared details of what command action/RPG Path of Exile is working now. Since then, the creators finally decided on the exact dates of the announcements of content and launch of the upcoming update 3.5.0, so our attention is a small road map. Please note that all numbers are subject to the time zone of New Zealand:

  • 5 November — announcement of the pilot content and it’s not “battle Royale
  • November 6 — another announcement that is not associated with patch 3.5.0
  • November 14 — announcement of additions 3.5.0
  • December 4 — the end of the League, “the Descent”
  • December 8 — run the add-3.5.0

As the developers noted, all dates are shifted by about a week, since the upcoming update is quite large, compared to “Intervention” or “Bestiary”. In addition, the deviation from the original plan, will provide users with additional time for the completion of all testing in the League “Descent”.

Thus, already in the beginning of next week we can expect a lot of new details about the future development of Path of Exile.

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