Path of Exile — What developers are working on

While fans of action / RPG Path of Exile continue to explore the azurite mine, Grinding Gear Games decided to tell what the team is currently working on and what to wait before launching the next expansion. According to the creators, with the release of a major update, which was installed in early October, the League “Descent” has already received all major improvements and adjustments. However, the studio plans to prepare a few more small patches to make minor changes.

The main forces of the developers are focused precisely on the following addition, which will be a bit larger than Intervention or Bestiary. Its release is scheduled for the first week of December, and the first details will be provided to us approximately three weeks before that — presumably on November 9th. Also in the last month of “Descent”, the team decided not to conduct events in the form of “Flashback”, because the regime already enjoys quite a lot of popularity.

In addition, the creators hinted at work on a small innovation, which is in no way connected with the current or future league.

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