Path of Exile — Startup Results “Betrayal”

On this weekend, the release of the long-awaited update / version 3.5.0 “Betrayal” by many fans of action / RPG Path of Exile and the brave heroes were able to set off to meet new adventures. The company Grinding Gear Games thanked all users for their support and decided to share the first success of the patch.

Despite some technical problems, the launch of the update was the smoothest of all time, besides a new record was set of players who are simultaneously exploring the fantasy world. Thus, the release of the update attracted 188,970 people, of whom 123,565 users accounted for the Steam platform. This result is 24% higher than the previous most successful launch.

In the near future, developers will devote various kinds of errors detected after the release of the update, and will also work on patch 3.6.0, which will reach the main servers by March 2019.

In addition, especially for the launch of the new league, the creators added a new item to the in-game store — the Betrayal hat. This headdress will be available only within the framework of the “Betrayal” itself, after which it will be permanently withdrawn from sale.

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