Path of Exile — Secrets Asuretuli mine

Studio Grinding Gear Games has announced a new batch of content for the action/RPG Path of Exile. At the end of this month — August 31, users new League, called “the Descent”. With its release the game will be the first dungeonAuricula mine.

This place darkness rules over 250 years, but now the heroes have to explore the narrow corridors, moving close to a special Slide, the machine that is the source of saving light.

In the depths of the mine you will find a variety of biomes and even abandoned city with lots of enemies, bosses, and valuable awards. Also you can take a chance and, armed with a torch, to move away from the Slide, stepping into the darkness in search of treasure and clearing away the rubble in its path with the help of dynamite.

In addition, in addition there will be special items with sockets, and the Defender and Ranger will receive ten new or completely redesigned skills.

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