Path of Exile — Private leagues are already in the game

A week has passed since the moment when the developers of Grinding Gear Games announced experimental content for action / RPG Path of Exile, which became Private Leagues. And so, the team happily announced that this interesting novelty appeared in the game and now everyone can organize their own adventure with its own rules for a modest fee.

The cost of one league, calculated for ten days and ten people, will be only 120 coins, especially since you can organize the collection of funds necessary for its opening. There is also a function to purchase additional slots and time if you need to expand your league.

Especially for users who have decided to go to meet the new adventures, the developers have published several tips, descriptions of all available properties and answered frequently asked questions.

In addition, already November 14, we are waiting for a full announcement of a major update 3.5.0 and those new products that will be available to players with its release.

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