Path of Exile — Patchnot update 3.5.0 “Betrayal”

Just a few days, December 7, will the official release of major content update for the action/RPG Path of Exile. Welcome patch 3.5.0 “Betrayal” will give players access to the same League and also brings a lot of improvements and changes that will affect many gameplay elements.

In anticipation of the update, developers have already managed to tell us about some of the innovations, but now it’s time to see the entire patchnotes future updates. In it you will find a detailed description of what changes are made for users developers from the Studio Grinding Gear Games.

Also, the creators have published information concerning the balance of edits, because “Treason” as any large-scale expansion, making some adjustments in the gameplay. So before you engage in battle, it is recommended as follows to read them.

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