Path of Exile — New room Intervention

Tomorrow, July 3, Studio Grinding Gear Games will release an update for 3.3.1 action/RPG Path of Exile, which a month after the launch of the League “Intervention” will add two new rooms — the Vaults and Crates of torment. It is about them and decided to tell the developers more in anticipation of the release of the patch.

In Store your main enemy will be Shantipi that protects wealth from the profit-hungry heroes. Users will be able to find treasures in chests, the number of which will depend on the level of the room. So, in a standard room is just two boxes, if you will improve it to the Hall of castles, it has already received four, and the court sealed the death will provide access to six boxes, so do not miss the opportunity to improve the premises.

As for the Cage of torment, in it you will meet with the architect, Camote and suffering spirits. In the room level there will be three, and in the torture Chamber and a Den of sadistic five and seven respectively, so that a better reward would have to fight. In addition, it is home to Suffering spenders, need to test “Event I”.

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