Path of Exile — New patch League of “Descent”

Recently, developers from the Studio Grinding Gear Games has announced a new pilot content for the action/RPG Path of Exile, which became a private League that allows users to create to itself difficulties, and then overcome them. Now, the team provided information about the new patch 3.4.4, which will be released on the eve of the 3.5.0 update and add various improvements and fixes to the League’s “Descent”.

This update will be installed in the night of 7 to 8 November. In it, the developers adjusted the various visual effects and corrected a lot of mistakes. Was also removed the ability to throw torches, and dynamite by clicking the icons, which should help avoid accidental use.

In addition, simultaneously with this small patch will get a version of the game for Xbox One.

Following the announcement from the developers is expected in a week — November 14. On this day, we finally present an update 3.5.0 and novelties.

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