Path of Exile — new league “Incursion”

Just recently, on June 1 (about June 2 in Russia), the release of the new league “Incursion” took place, on which, one can say with confidence, the developers at Grinding Gear Games worked thoroughly and well. 

For those who do not know what kind of league in Path of Exile, I remind you that they are similar to the seasons in Diablo 3, that’s just unlike the simple addition of a couple of new items, GGG constantly invent new game modes introduced into the main process.

Below you will find basic information about what Incursion is and how it can benefit the player.

To put it in simple and understandable language, the concept of this new league can be described as “Create your own reward yourself”, only there are some small nuances here, which I will discuss below.

The seeker of the ancient tomb of Alva Valai (for some reason I remembered her as halva) will become the key character who appeared in the game, she will provide the necessary functionality for the gradual formation of your reward and complexity.

The main and main goal of Alva is the search for the long-lost Atzotal temple, in which we will receive a valuable or not very reward, just before this the NPC will offer us to “equip” it by traveling back in time through a special altar.

The NPC itself appears in almost every location, starting with the second initial (if not counting the coast with a broken ship) in its random sections, note that if the location has several floors, it will stand on one of them.

As I already mentioned, each player will personally determine his reward and complexity by arranging the 13 rooms of this temple itself, and you can only change 11 of them, since the entrance and the top remain unchanged.

After you find a NPC in one of the locations, it randomly prompts you to visit one of the rooms and choose its development, note that every time all the rooms will be randomly interconnected.

In total, in each room you can change three main criteria: change its basic type, improve the room one level up and finally connect it with others, creating a chain from the entrance to the top.

Having successfully completed the “redevelopment” of one of the rooms, you will need to find Alva in another location, where she will give you a new random room for arrangement, and so you need to repeat it 11 times, after which you can visit the created temple.

Now that we have learned the basics, we’ll move on to the process of this very redevelopment and its various features.

As soon as you talk to the NPC, a special interface will open, where the current room and various information on how to change it will be displayed in the upper right corner.

Redevelopment can be arranged only by killing one of the two architects who are inside it, and in this very interface you can, pointing at small icons, see how the room changes, although there are all three options:

  • The icon with the up arrow allows you to increase the level of the room after the murder. 
  • An icon with two arrows allows you to change the type of room to the one specified in the interface. 
  • Red circles indicate doors that can be opened if you get a special key from the mobs in the room. 

However, not everything is as rosy as it seems at first glance, as soon as you get into the room, a timer will appear on top of your return, which is only ten seconds.

This timer can be extended by damaging / killing an architect or simply killing various mobs on the map, note that in addition to GGG items, several new monsters have also been added to the temple itself, and each of them has a set of unique abilities.

In the room itself, you will not see a drop in addition to the keys for opening the doors (there are at least one key in each room), the fact is that the drop appears as soon as you complete the room and will be neatly scattered around the NPC.

The death of the character means that you filled the room, if you could not kill the architect, the counter of the rest will still decrease by one (I remind you only 11 times to enter the room).

There is also a “monsters” bar at the bottom of the screen that shows how many opponents are left in this room, if you suddenly killed everyone and you still have a lot of time, you can leave the room yourself through the portal in the center.

Each room can be pumped from 0 to 3 levels and thus increase your chances of getting something valuable, but as I mentioned above, there are rooms that can make it difficult for you to pass, for example, by placing traps everywhere or endowing monsters with regeneration.

After closing all 11 possibilities to rebuild the temple, you can immediately go to conquer it, the principle of operation is the same as that of the cards, that is, around the NPC will open several portals that lead to the location of the temple.

And now you can reap the fruits of your efforts and hope for the loss of rare and useful items, and also from time to time Alva will hang a five-minute buff on you, increasing the chance to receive a valuable reward.

Of course, the highest drop rate exists only from third-level rooms, since they themselves contain a fairly good number of lutable objects.

The main and most “delicious” object in the entire Atzotal temple is its peak, where the ancient boss is located, which can be described as UFOs, I will not go into details, and I’ll just say that you need to kill mobs in the second stage, otherwise the boss will save his shield .

It is from it that various objects fall, which can greatly facilitate your passage.

Well, in conclusion, the cherry on the cake will be a list of all the rooms and their improvements, if you believe the official wiki page, there are 78 rooms in total, including three degrees of improvements (approximately 12 rooms cannot be improved at all).

The list below will help you understand what each room generally does, if there is no description, then this is just a room in a thematic style and the name in brackets reflects the final stage 3 of pumping:

  • Antechamber 
  • Banquet hall 
  • Cellar 
  • Chasm 
  • Cloister 
  • Halls 
  • Passageways 
  • Pits 
  • Tombs 
  • Tunnels 
  • Entrance — directly to the temple. 
  • Apex of Atzoatl — room with the boss. 
  • Armourer’s Workshop (Chamber of Iron) — increases the health of opponents and contains boxes with different armor. 
  • Flame Workshop (Crucible of Flame) — enhances the final boss element of fire, the third level contains useful items. 
  • Lightning Workshop (Conduit of Lightning) — enhances the final boss with a lightning element, the third level contains useful items. 
  • Hatchery (Hybridisation Chamber) — strengthens the final boss by adding minions to him, the third level contains useful items. 
  • Splinter Research Lab (House of the Others) — depending on the level in the room there will be gaps (purple hands). 
  • Guardhouse (Hall of War) — increases the size of packs of mobs, the higher the level, the more monsters will be in one pack. 
  • Surveyor’s Study (Atlas of Worlds) — contains containers full of various maps. 
  • Storage Room (Museum of Artifacts) is a warehouse in which many useful items are stored. 
  • Corruption Chamber (Locus of Corruption) — reduces the maximum indicator of resistance to elements while the character in the temple, the third level provides access to the altar for giving objects the property “Corruption” 
  • Vault (Wealth of the Vaal) — a vault with a lot of chests, in which there are all types of game currency. 
  • Shrine of Empowerment (Temple Nexus) — increases the speed of all enemies, increases by one level all adjacent rooms. 
  • Explosives Room (Shrine of Unmaking) — allows you to get a special explosive that can penetrate closed passages between rooms. 
  • Gemcutter’s Workshop (Doryani’s Institute) — contains many different ability stones and a special device that can change them in a special way through the Corruption modifier. 
  • Pools of Restoration (Sanctum of Immortality) — heals enemies in the temple, the third level contains useful items. 
  • Poison Garden (Toxic Grove) — scatters poisonous plants throughout the temple, the third level contains useful items. 
  • Royal Meeting (Room Throne of Atziri) — increases the speed of all enemies, increases by one level all adjacent rooms. 
  • Sacrificial Chamber (Apex of Ascension) — allows you to sacrifice a unique object and get another random one in return. The third level allows the victim to get a random of the same class, including all items that can not be obtained in the usual way. Allows you to transform unique items found exclusively in the temple (what?). 
  • Tempest Generator (Storm of Corruption) — adds random Tempests whirlpools to the temple. The third level will be spawned only Radiating (increases the chance of high-quality items of high grade) and Corrupting (all items you find with this property). Also the third level contains useful items. 
  • Trap Workshop (Defense Research Lab) — scatters various traps around the map, the third level contains useful items. 
  • Jeweller’s Workshop (Glittering Halls) — contains containers with lots of stones to be inserted into the nests of the tree of development. 
  • Sparring Room (Hall of Champions) — increases the base damage of opponents in the temple and contains containers with various weapons. 
  • Workshop (Factory) — increases the health of the boss at the top and the total number of items that fall in the temple. 

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