Path of Exile — new League Delve (Descent) and other features of the update

First, let’s briefly see what new appeared in the game, in addition to the new system, which I will describe below: 

  • The settings added new function available only 11 directives, she was a special opportunity to simulate sunlight. It allows any light sources look much more spectacular and in real time to display shadows based on their position relative to the light. This update is perfectly noticeable in the cave and if you use, for example, fire spells. 
  • Along with light, water now uses a more advanced technology of the simulation of the real behavior, although I don’t very often looked at her during gameplay. 
  • Add a variety of functionality for groups, such as the ability to teleport to the location where the participant group. 
  • More options in the drop-down things and new mechanics special display of the most rare things (in addition to the unique, they by default will appear white column of light). 
  • There are several new spells and some old ones have been reworked, for example, now people make builds that they’ve dubbed “miles the Summoner” based on the new abilities Smite and converted old Dominating Blow. 

For a long period of time, the phrase “the new League of PoE” means that the developers of Grinding Gear Games is ready to submit not just a collection of new items, but also a unique game mode that includes unique mechanics.

The League can’t satisfy the tastes of each user and sometimes has only a negative effect on the game, but so far, the feedback on the current League, judging by the reviews, all are positive, if you only look at mechanics in General. It is worth to note that it has small bugs that sometimes make you indignant, but especially critical while I personally have not noticed or they were already fixed.

New League received a short name of the Delve (the Descent) and is a sort of endless Dania. In fact this is the first activity of its kind in the world Path of Exile.

Roughly speaking, it is not necessary to constantly update and you just keep going deeper into this dungeon, until I saw the system message about the players who reached a depth of 350+ meters.

At the Laura of the game, which you can partially see from the video, a certain NPC by the name of Nico or is Nico Mad invite players to explore a very ancient mine, where once mined very valuable resource “Azurite” (not to be confused with Azerit from WoW).

At one point, the mine had exhausted almost all their resources, resulting in workers left her and she was filled with utter darkness, which, of course, began to be fruitful and multiply various unknown and already familiar to players of the creature.

From the gaming point of view, as I have already said, the mine is just a long endless dungeon that continuously extends into opening access to more advanced resources. And with increasing depth a variety of monsters will also increase their level, becoming more deadly and vicious.

While the idea of such a system that I personally loved, so it’s a pity that she will leave after the League, although could be a valuable source of farm and different maps of the Atlas.

As I said above, the League and Delve tied one very interesting system, which, at the time of this writing needs to get an important update based on user feedback.


Once you create a character in the new League, immediately after leaving the first town you will be greeted by Nico and offered to go on an exciting journey, but for now you can just read what he tells you, as in mine to go yet.

Game sense of darkness is that without a source of light special it will be to inflict periodic damage, almost as fast as red-hot bars, and all adversaries become invulnerable.

To avoid this, the arc has a special trolley, which is the source of light and in addition automatically plans a special cable for the connection of a plurality of control points on all your way. And by itself, the cable is mounted on special beams, which are also equipped with a light source, that is about it, you can safely run.

Trolley is a technological marvel and, therefore, its operation needs a special resource Voltaxic Sulphite, which hereafter I’ll just call it a sulfite.

To collect this resource, you can simply find special objects (nodes) that appear in each location in a random place, they may look like ordinary ore or a chest. Coming up, just click on it, and then miraculously show up Nico who quickly collect sulfite, filling in the scale of fuel. But it is necessary to consider the limit of the maximum capacity, all you will gather over him will go into oblivion.

The main stock of the resource can be viewed by opening a special interface by hotkey V and there is in right side looking for the vertical scale, the accumulation of it will be filled yellow.

So if you score the cap of this resource, you can explore the new system of the League, even if you are low level. As I wrote, mine contains monsters of various levels, depending on the depth.

In the future this limit can be safely increased, by spending a special currency, and thus pumping your trolley, but we’ll discuss this separately when we get to this point.

My advice: once you have collected the maximum amount (or a certain required number) of sulfite, immediately to explore the mine, of course, if you are sure that you will be able to kill mobs at this depth.

Travel back to the entrance to the mine from anywhere, by clicking on the small icon candle in the lower right corner of the portal interface, where you will find the teleport to the maze \ your personal storage.


Once you move to a new location, before you see Nico, in a strange technological device that reminded me of an ancient underwater breathing apparatus.

Also, there is a portal in the same style and the entrance to the mine, it is worth noting that for the first time in the mine the player gets through the entrance and then through a technological portal.

Open special interface mine and now you will have a choice of where to go, to explore the darkness, and keep in mind that the Central branch up to a certain point automatically connected to the special points which you can easily teleport.

Left and right are different passages of the cave, covered in darkness, and in them there are various points from resources that you have to go with the cart.

That’s what is needed sulfite, roughly speaking, the basic mechanics of this mine is that after selecting the point you and the trolley must work together to successfully reach it to turn resources into a checkpoint (of course, on the road you will be attacked by monsters from the darkness).

Once the cart reaches a specific room, in which there is mechanical circle (on the map displayed yellow circle), it will turn its control point and will give you a reward, although in most cases, you will need to run a special event and fend off mobs.

About point usually are chests containing resources of a certain type, but also on the way from point to point in the darkness, too, can find various containers which can be opened only by logging into the darkness.

Also the character always has a few special flyers (eng. flare — some semblance flares) that you can throw, while creating a time zone of the world, and thus, for example, uregent his health and shield.

The most problematic points in the dungeon, perhaps, are those in which the walled passage, in this case the user would need to destroy a special wall in the darkness of the second available subject to the dynamite. The problem here is that the point can be one of the party from whom there are a path to destruction usually takes two explosives, ideally you want to do it, previously throwing under the feet of the flyer.

In conclusion it should be noted that in the mine you can get almost any gear or currency from the game, and then also can drop unique things.

  • Azurite is a small icon with the Roman numeral, refers to the place where you can collect the azurite and it is the main currency to improve the trolley, the figure indicates how many you will get, picking up one item. 
  • Currency. 
  • Sword. 
  • Armor. 
  • Ring. 
  • The chest here can drop any item from the above categories, in addition to azurite. 



As you deepen into the mine the basic functions of the trolley will gradually decline and that brings us to the system improvements in this League, then as the main resource used azurite.

But first we should talk about the most useful new League, and it is about a new type of objects — “Resonator” which is more ancient and powerful option gain items. They exist in several variations and are sold at Niko.

Roughly speaking, a resonator is an ancient way to alter plain white thing in blue \ gold, but there is one feature that follows from the special items that can only be obtained in the dark corners of the mine.

Each resonator before you need to charge, put a certain amount of the above items, but by themselves these items create a chance to give the thing after the improvement of special properties.

For example, to make it so that you have some mod to strengthen your minions, or increase physical damage, that is, the resonators bring in a random effect improved the ability to control it.

Improving your trolley and flyers \ dynamite occurs at the very strange things from the NPC standing right at the entrance to the mine. Improvements in fact not so much, only it is this system and within a short period of time to alter the developers. At the time of writing, the process of improvement is only saved for the character.

And, for example, if you want to try another build, will have to start all over again, it is at the request of users will soon be tied to your account.

Trolley available for such improvements, as the increase in the stock of sulphite, the increase in the resistance of the character to the damage of darkness and increase the light radius. Initially I suggest you to pump it is the latter two, as this will allow you to kill more mobs and collect a variety of containers outside world.

Then you can improve your flyers and dynamite, for which there are three equal possibilities: how much the character can carry, a longer duration of action (flyer) \ increase damage (dynamite) and range.

Every subsequent improvement in anything will require much more of azurite.


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