Path of Exile — New League and other plans of the developers

Appeared in the action/RPG Path of Exile about a month ago the League “Intervention” managed to gain recognition among the fans and gained much popularity, so developers from the Studio Grinding Gear Games decided to share their future plans for improving this element of gameplay and other innovations, over which employs a team PoE.

So, next week, users will find the update to 3.3.1. With him in the game there will be two new types of rooms for Intervention will fixed various bugs and improved performance, and in the next patch (3.3.2) will focus on improvements for the game in the group.

In addition, at the end of August, the 31st, the developers plan to release a new League with a major update to 3.4.0, which will bring the processing of certain skills and changes in PvP. About a month before this event, the creators will launch a special event and begin to share the first details.

Also, the team is working on a “mega-addition” 4.0.0. However, will present it during the festival ExileCon at the end of 2019.

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