Path of Exile — New advancement League “Descent”

The team of Grinding Gear Games has announced a new update for the action/RPG Path of Exile. The developers plan to release a patch this week, installing it and rebooting servers. But the main purpose of update is to improve the League, “Descent”, which, in the opinion of the community, requires some improvements.

So, the creators will add new levels for vatakoula sulphite. Now users wishing to spend more time in the mine, will be able to increase the amount to 60,000, however, this improvement is worth a lot of azurite. There will also be increased and the maximum number of torches, that nothing prevented the brave heroes explore the dark, which hides not only the danger, but also various treasures.

Still, the developers decided to make the award, hidden behind cracked walls, more valuable to increase the interest of players to these zones.

In addition, now while traveling on Auriculas mine you’ll be much more likely to meet the Crystal King Olomu.

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