Path of Exile — Mine Refining and Sulfite Rebalance

Global update in Path of Exile “Descent” brought a lot of new products and an almost endless source of farming. Developers are closely monitoring player reviews, some details do require rebalancing and the update was not long in coming.

Update 3.4.3 will be installed within a week. The changes will affect the mines and their distribution, now for all the characters the mine will be common, not separate for everyone. After the upgrade, the common mine will be the one that has been dug deeper, among the characters of one league. In other words, you will lose access to less deep mines.

Developers are urging you to reach the nearest valuable reward.

The second important part of update 3.4.3 is Sulfite Rebalance. The amount of loss of this resource on high-level maps will be significantly increased, and after 1000 levels the costs of sulfite at all. Thus, the developers increase the relevance of high-level maps and reduce the relevance of pharma Quarries.

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