Path Of Exile — League of “Treason” and various changes

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At the moment Path Of Exile is the most not afraid of the word, popular and successful isometric project around the world. Of course, many fans fell in love with her for quite an extensive system of development of your character through passive skills, however, play an important role in the seasons that, in contrast to the well-known project, bring new mechanics and game elements. 

Immortal syndicate

Once again, the developers of Grinding Gear Games did a good job and I look forward to the League “Betrayal \ Betrayal”, which again includes interesting mechanics and a number of different changes in key aspects of the game.

Let’s start with the fact that the League of “Treason” brought quite an interesting system of “Syndicate” in which users have to hunt for members of a certain immortal and the secret organization. The main idea is to gradually reveal the identity of the participants making their way from the lowlands up to, so to speak, the chief founder.

At first, after reaching the coast, the players, as always, will wait for a key NPC in this League and a new interface in which everything will be under the question mark, and behind them just the same and hide the members of the syndicate.

All the participants built on the principle of hierarchy from the bottom to the top guy, and basically at first you will open just the same, the rank and file of its members, because further connects a system of investigation.

The syndicate is divided into four main groups, which are engaged in various activities, from playing point of view this means the basic mechanism of their appearance on the map. Below we describe these groups and the process of capture new members.

And Yes, I think it is worth considering that at any level of complexity, each member of the syndicate is quite a dangerous opponent with their set of different abilities and sometimes unique equipment.

  • Transportation — the map will be a caravan that you need to stop until it reached its final destination, this would be a special UI at the bottom of the screen. In order to successfully cope with this task, it is necessary to directly remove the head, which is very simple to determine. The fact that the farther you are from Korovay its leader will automatically teleport to it, even if you are fighting with him.
  • Strengthening — the map will just be a small Outpost, and sits where assigned to it by the participant. The feature of this mechanics is that on the building there are turrets, occasionally attacking the player, but often inside there are totems, podpilivaya the cultist. Here you have two choices: to lure the cultist away or to break down the door and post to edrene hair dryer all there is.
  • Research on any map during the study, you can find unique laboratory, where they will dwell cultists with their followers. As soon as there comes the player, all enemies are pattern “We found, burn all” and your task — to save from destruction a certain number of objects, killing everyone inside.
  • Attack — the easiest of all, you can just run out the cult member who will need to destroy.



In all the above activities the player can expect as a participant or in multiples, depending on how I want the game system, or from the actions of the user.

After the user will be able to defeat any member of the cult, run the following important mechanics of the new League, or rather, you will need to decide what to do with him. It is through the variety of options that will be provided by the system will gradually be filled with a strip of information of a certain player who is higher up the career ladder.

Also, there is a certain system of relations between members of the group that is displayed with ropes special color as they belong to a certain “captain”.

The choice of what to do with a particular party is a very important feature of this League, because your task is to gather information, but sometimes you can choose another way. For example, you can increase the level of this participant and let him or killing, polotti unique item, and there is generally the opportunity to change places with others.

A little bit is to explain about the opportunity to put the party in prison for information, in the course of the developers here kind of glossed over the transition from one location to another. That is, if, for example, he is 4 moves to the release, this means that the player must complete four locations.

In General, the choice of what to do with it, determines the future outcome and the total profit from this new system.

It is also worth considering that the battle with each participant directly you will help the main NPC of the League, and it seems like there is an opportunity to choose the option “Betray” and make one cultist to beat the other. In fact, sooner or later you will discover main four “captains”, which are Central to the four main groupings and then you can begin to gather information about your main goal.

Once you collect all the necessary information, instead of the strips in the corresponding UI button appears, allowing to enter in a special asylum, where there is this purpose. In fact, it’s just a single map that works for all known system where you are given six free attempts at elimination of the main enemy.



As a reward in the open world with the participants in this cult you can drop an unusual piece, on its properties at the bottom would be weird shimmering strip. This is a hidden property, or rather, a set of three randomly generated properties, which can be viewed only from the new NPC, and as soon as you use its functionality, it simply chooses the most suitable option.

But after Stripping special shelters, in the end you will have to wait quite a pleasant surprise in the form of a huge number of items with hidden properties, unique items, and, finally, the special mechanisms. They offer the basic functionality, such as, for example, add hidden properties to any gear, or even the opportunity to improve any equipment for resources issued (for a limited period of time).

In addition, your refuge, now there is a new Kraft machine, allowing you to add different properties to your gear, and initially it has a set of basic power-UPS and new can be found simply by studying the different levels \ maps.

Other changes

Among various changes, we consider only the most important more or less in the short form below:

  • Most masters who are responsible for different functions, got a new appearance in a red and black design.
  • In addition to the main League “Betrayal” are also available in the League of “Bestiary”, “the Descent” and “Intervention”. Among them is extremely important changes received a “Bestiary” as the network on different mobs will now drop a special NPC is a hunter and the player just need to kill the mob.
  • As promised the developers, private refuge has become available to users immediately after character creation and it now meets NPC Helena, it is possible to invite a player will perform in the second act the appropriate quest. She also can quietly change the current asylum in another.
  • Studying the location, the player may accidentally come across a new type of shelter and to add it to your collection, you just need to destroy all enemies, kind of like you immediately available maximum version.


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