Path of Exile — League Intervention received patch description

The developers of action / RPG Path of Exile are preparing for the release of a new update and the start of the League Test Intervention. This event will happen on June 1 and will bring into the game a fresh economy and many innovations. Previously, the team gradually introduced users to the processing of abilities and other content of the patch, and now published its full description. 

In the Intervention League, you will meet Alva Valai, who will send you to the ancient temple of Azoatl, first in time and then in the present. In addition to traveling through the rooms of the dangerous sanctuary, you can complete 40 missions, as well as get items to customize your character. For example, for 12, 24 and 36 completed the test, you will get an Intervention bandage, cloak and portal. Also, starting from 19 trials, for every third players will receive a part of the Totem of Intervention.

Having collected it completely, you can install it in the shelter forever.

In addition, new stones were added to the game, such as Mor Vaal, Vaal Earthquake, Vaal Blade Whirlwind, Charged Traps, Flamethrower Trap and others, 31 unique items, 4 of which were created by sponsoring players, 22 fortune-telling cards, the function “Always Attack without movement ”and much more.

You can learn more about the update in the second message.

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