Path of Exile — Latest details on redesigned skills.

As early as June 1, a major update will be released in Path of Exile and the League of Intervention will start. For some time, the project developers told fans about all the upcoming changes, and now, they released the latest notes on the processing of skills.  

Earlier we were presented with such abilities as “Cold bite” and “Vaal cold bite”, however, its prototype turned out to be different from what it was originally intended and has now been reworked. The skill immediately strikes a region of medium size, and also creates a small expanding zone, causing damage from the cold. In addition, the “Bite of cold” can give you a charge of rage when killing enemies in the area of ​​action and is a skill of 16 level.

To study it requires intelligence and dexterity.

Also, the “Vaal Earthquake” was changed, which now causes a little damage from the main impact, but it will pleasantly please you with a shock wave. And in order to create the “righteous fire of Vaal”, you will have to sacrifice 30% of your maximum health and energy shield, and in return inflict a huge amount of fire damage.

In addition, the developers told about such skills as “Charged jerk”, “Overflow of energy”, “Ball lightning” and “Thunderstorm explosion”. The latter will now do much more damage and take an increased area of ​​effect.

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