Path of Exile — Intervention League and other news of the June update

The developers of the isometric action / RPG Path of Exile talked about what awaits game users in the upcoming June update. Ahead of the new league «Intervention», stones, objects, as well as large-scale processing of skills of characters. Thanks to the mysterious researcher Alva Walai, in search of the Temple of Azoatl, you will go back in time and change history.

New adventures promise untold riches to the heroes, but even in order to get to the Temple of Azoatl, you will need to work hard. In the very sanctuary of travelers waiting for monster-infested rooms with treacherous traps. If you decide to kill the Vaal Architects, then in the present tense of the location of the rooms may change.

In turn, in going back in time it will be possible to seize the keys, in order to open the doors to additional tests.

In the upcoming patch, the developers plan to introduce 12 new stones, rework 20 skills and make changes to various mechanics, such as arson. About 20 new fortunetelling cards and 28 unique items are also awaiting their owners. Not without two new sets of support.

The Conquistador Set and the Council Set are available in two versions, and you can purchase them right now.

“Intervention” will appear in the PC version on June 1, 2018, and on Xbox One the update will be delayed for several days, until June 4.

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