Path of Exile — Ice breath will be recycled

Before running a major update 3.5.0 “Betrayal” action/RPG Path of Exile is running out of time. The update will be installed on the servers on December 7, and will open to players new opportunities. So the team from the Studio Grinding Gear Games continues to share details about the upcoming update.

At this time it again went about the powers. So, the developers said that the ability to “Icy breath” will be recycled. Now released, the shell will fly, and after its explosion will remain in the cooling region, which causes damage to the enemy over time.

In addition, there will be a new type of property that increase the gradual damage from cold, so that the power of your abilities will increase even more.

The number of new skills will join the “war Banner” and “Banner of fear”. They are auras and strengthen as the character carrying the flag, and closest allies. And if you install it on the ground, you will get access to even more powerful effects.

Banners are best suited to characters specializing in auto attack.

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