Path of Exile — How does “the Mark of Armageddon”

With the League, “Betrayal”, which will appear in the action/RPG Path of Exile after the launch of patch 3.5.0, players will be available to new types of abilities — «the Mark». So while the developers continue to share various details ahead of the release of the future updates, they offer us to get acquainted with one such ability is “the Mark of Armageddon”.

So, after the use of the skill stigma is attached to the enemy that was closest to your character, and then brings down on his head the meteor, dealing damage in an area and having the effect of arson. If the enemy dies, the mark moves to the new target caught in the radius.

In addition, the Studio Grinding Gear Games has prepared another special ability — “Back stamps”, the title of which speaks for itself. After using the active skills all skills of this type will be moved to your hero and get a larger radius attachment. Stone “Return of marks:” it has only six levels, but each provides a good bonus for speed of reloading ability.

Also, the developers will add to the tree passive skills several new effects that will be well combined with a new type of skills.

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