Path of Exile — Flashback Event Starts In August

The developers of the studio Grinding Gear Games have announced their decision to hold in the vast action / RPG Path of Exile a temporary event, called “Flashback”. The event will start next month and will be held from 4 to 28 August. During this event, in addition to Interventions in the areas, there will be three random properties from the previous eleven leagues, which will change every hour.

By participating in the event, users will get the chance to compete for valuable rewards and nice gifts. So, when you reach level 35 in the framework of “Flashback”, you will receive one “Mysterious box of the apocalypse”. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this offer is a one-time and applies to the entire account. Between players who have reached the 45-85 level, a rally will be held, which will allow to get hold of sets of armor, wings and other bonus items.

In addition, users who showed the best results during the event will receive an “Demigod Reign” with an alternative appearance.

“Flashback” will run simultaneously on both the PC and the Xbox One console.

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