Path of Exile — Details on the “Tasks of Atlas”

While the developers at Grinding Gear Games continue to prepare to launch a major content update 3.5.0 for action / RPG Path of Exile, they also remember to share with the game fans new details about upcoming innovations.

In addition to the Betrayal league, users will have access to the new system — “Atlas Tasks”, designed to replace the daily instructions issued by the masters. So, on the Atlas of the Worlds, special marks will be displayed indicating that in a certain area a specific master is waiting for you, who has an assignment for you. This system, as before, will be updated every day, providing players with new missions.

In addition, while traveling through high-level locations, players will be able to find one of the masters who need help on each map with a probability of about 33%. In addition to the Atlas Tasks and random encounters, assignments will also sometimes appear after the completion of an area.

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