Path of Exile — Details about the League “Intervention”

More recently, developers of action/RPG Path of Exile announced a new League of “Interference”, and also shared some details about the upcoming patch 3.3.0. Now the team has decided to answer frequently asked questions from our customers that began to appear from the community in anticipation of the release of the patch.

So, the areas of Intervention will meet the same level as the locations in which they appeared, while open card will be subject to all properties of the current zone. However, the final temple will have its own characteristics, and its level will be slightly higher. The Alva, which opens temporary portals can be found in all locations, beginning with the Muddy lowlands.

To get to the final temple, players will need to complete approximately eleven Interventions, each of which will drop a variety of reward. If you want to get more treasure, then the room should be improved. To do this, they have enough to get two times, however to get to the Top of the temple, it is necessary to connect a sufficient number of rooms.

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