Path of Exile — Announced League “Betrayal”

As promised earlier, the developers of Grinding Gear Games has announced a new major update to 3.5.0 action/RPG Path of Exile. Since its release, users will have access to the League of “Treason”. In her brave heroes have to help Joon Horta to find shelter of the mysterious organization “the Immortal Syndicate,” and, revealing all the secrets and destroy its leader.

The Syndicate consists of four divisions and eighteen members. To get to the leader, the players have to conduct its own investigation, forcing the latter to provide the necessary information. Thanks to it you will be able to find out the identity of the four captains and the leader of the Syndicate, and during his forays into the shelter organization to profit a variety of treasures.

However, the value of items received will depend on the type of unit and rank of the defeated enemies, so players have to carefully plan their investigations.

Also users are waiting for the hidden objects whose properties can be transferred to other things, a new group of masters, a new system of shelters, revised the mechanics of obtaining craft and four high-level properties of maps on the Atlas of the worlds. In addition, we added a new ability for the three archetypes.

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