Online strategy My Lands — is a game played through the phone (Android)

Online strategy – My Lands — is a game played through the phone (Android) : My Lands game

You’ve probably often wondered about this question. Right? Of course, it would be great to have at hand clock online and mass domination of the entire map. But I should say, the game on Android is quite possible, and if there is a next point of Wi-Fi, difference with the computer almost not felt.

Certainly, some of the lucky ones that own these devices have already tried to enter the game in the browser and look enough on-loading half stone. But, as they say, it is enough to endure!

So, launch the game on Android.

  • Stage I. Check phone capabilities.

First, make sure that your phone matches all the necessary requirements.

  1. Your android must be version 2.2 or higher. How to test it? Menu — Settings — About Phone — Version of Android.
  2. You must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Here and below, you can use the market as a computer, there is a built-in phone.

If all is well, proceed to the next step.

  • Stage II. Downloading the necessary software.

Our main goal — is a browser called Puffin. The problem is that the program is not free, but costs $ 0.99 and you will need to purchase a Google account and a valid credit card.

If you do not have any, then start it’s not a problem — just walk to the nearest terminal QIWI in your city. There you can make an electronic credit card by going to E-Commerce — Virtual Card VISA. You will need to provide a telephone number, which will be sent to the card details and all transactions made with it. That is all, you have a credit card that can be used in any place where a common plastic.

Remained attached card to your Google-account and make a purchase (you will be asked to do it at the moment of purchase).

I must say that though Puffin is not the best browser for android, I have tried all of the browsers (up to ten), include the Dolphin, the game pulls the only one. So.

  • Stage III. We play.

It’s time to check out what we’ve done.

Open a browser, go to the my lands and try to enjoy the game. If the capital download — everything is done correctly. It’s time to turn off the animation in the cities, because we did not play on the computer. Please note, it seems that this option is not retained when re-entering the game.

In general, the game get to do all the actions that are possible on the computer, including spying / surveillance and attack. If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, attack time will not make more than 1-2 seconds. All the rest depends on your connection speed.

Enjoy the game!

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