Old-school shooter DUSK will appear on consoles and get its own soap

DUSK — a shooter like the good old, who went to the release at the end of December 2018 and has already received extremely positive reviews on Steam. However, the game has not finished its course of life: publishing New blood and developer David Szymanski (David Szymanski) announced further development plans.

In the Steam community, authors DUSK promised the following:

• Mac and Linux versions without DRM.
• New content for “Team Combat to Death”, “Capture the Flag” and multiplayer DuskWorld as a whole.
• Translation into additional languages.
• Toolkit for mods and support «Steam Workshop«.
• Co-op.
• Mode «New game +».
• Ports for consoles.
• Large physical collector‘s edition.
• New souvenirs in the official store.
• Soundtrack on CD and vinyl.
• Real soap.

Soap sounds particularly entertaining, but the details are not disclosed. It seems that it will be released in conjunction with the store IndieBox, where they sell all sorts of goods based on indie games. The soap should smell like bacon, but the creators reserve the right to change the smell.

New blood calls for support DUSK and other games of the publisher: buy them, write reviews, comments, forum topics, tweets and statuses, draw fan art and even “shit up post memes and preach from the highest mountain” (direct quote!).

On Game-space.ru DUSK earned her «amazing», so that our conscience before New blood absolutely clean!


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