Night operation in World of Warships

In the online action game World of Warships today it’s latest update, which introduced some changes to existing mechanics, and added new combat ships and operation.  

Along with the patch for 0.7.6 the game became available a whole branch of light cruisers of the US Navy. Among the ships were “Worcester”, “Helena”, “Dallas” and “Seattle”. They are armed with rapid-firing guns and can use the “Hydroacoustic” and “Barrage”.

The second major innovation will be a night operation called operation “cherry blossom”. On the map you have to concentrate on lighting the bombs the enemies and coordinate with its allies for a coordinated and accurate attack. The game also opened up the Arsenal.

That’s where users will be able to change the usual coal for steel. And since 30 June there will be a third season of battle of clans.

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