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The burning platform: PS4

Sometimes, pass the game, spend a few hours and can not understand why it exists. Games based on movies and cartoons have produced less often and less often, but if they occur, in most cases, this is due to the hire of the eponymous films in the cinemas. But what wanted to achieve, and the creators Nickelodeon Kart Racers — is unclear.

What year is it?

And it's not so much the quality of this arcade racing game, which I will talk a bit later, but in its filling. There are only twelve playable characters taken from the animated series Nickelodeon: "Spongebob Squarepants", "Teenage mutant ninja turtles", "Hey Arnold!" and "Rugrats!". If the first two are more or less familiar to the modern child, on the last two probably know one — their last series came out already in two thousand four year.

We are with you remember them, and the target audience of this work, is unlikely.

I naively assumed that Nickelodeon Kart Racers will be a start in childhood, the possibility of nostalgia for the days when I was ready to get up early for the sake of viewing these cartoons (except "Rugrats!" — too kind of his style). But the result was quite different — it is the most common race, which discourages low quality already in the start menu and doesn't bring any emotions at all. No joy, no anger, nothing.

This is largely due to the fact that between the characters there is practically no difference. They have their own vehicles, some gain in cubes on the road is available only for certain characters, but the rest of the game would have lost nothing if along Sponge Bob and Arnold here were simple people, robots or animals. That you control Donatello, says only sitting in the car modelka — replace it to any other, and the result is the same.

So you can describe the entire game as a whole, especially the alignment. The environment taken from the same cartoon: the school where the student Arnold, the toy store and the many monotonous of sewers. But it looks like all the most boring, completely lacks any atmosphere, and the graphics are so bad that it is sometimes very difficult to understand in what direction to go after the next turn. It seems to be a mini-map is, and the signs on the walls, but still sometimes have problems — all mixed in one pile.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers game reviewIn the beginning of the race the player is always at the 10th place, but to overtake rivals very easily.

Orphaned and miserable

Gameplay Nickelodeon Kart Racers no different from other copycats Mario Kart. In the main menu there is only three modes: championship of four races, quick race and time race where you try to beat your own records. Championships ten characters several times in a row to earn points based on their position, after which the holder of the greatest number of points is declared the winner.

On the slopes lay the cubes with images on them are question marks — if through one of them to drive, will be available for a bonus boost. You or the subject will throw, or a jar of soap bubbles put in the middle of the road, either for a few seconds to install on the back of the typewriter shield that absorbs other people's attacks. Set a meager and trivial, if none of the developers didn't even try to come up with something original — they just took everything that is already invented before them.

And if someone will take damage from your shell or fall into the trap, then you will know about it — special effects are absent here. the Only bad idea is associated with mucus — if you drive down this green substance on the left side of the screen will be filled scale acceleration. Some of the tracks almost completely filled with mucus, and upon exposure to ground vehicle funny transformirovalsya in a boat with a motor. But all this, of course, not enough to not get bored after a few races — although there are race shootout, and some semblance of a slalom with the need to pass on the right or left of the buoys, everything is played exactly the same.Nickelodeon Kart Racers game reviewEven on bright tracks with balloons and toys to go sad.Another tracks scattered coins necessary for purchase of improvements, including an upgrade of wheels and the engine. Increases the speed to operate the machine becomes easier, and with good tires you will have to record not so much when driving on slime.

That's just need to all not — high difficulty level I was able to win the championship with an ordinary jalopy, it could not modify. Even there the opponents run into walls and fall into traps, to say nothing of easy tournaments, where opponents are even more stupid and helpless.

No more content in the game, even the Intro, the authors did not bother to add. Last year Cars 3 also not enough stars in the sky and gave far from those emotions, which get after a couple of races in Mario Kart, but there's at least tried to offer a lot of interesting entertainment. Immediately outside the dreary Championships have nothing to do, but the game is still asking for forty dollars, although even with a free hand she would not provide any value.

Everything here is tried to make the most of the budget. It's in the press releases promise you twenty four tracks — in fact half of them are nothing different from each other. The characters do not speak, is voiced replicas need to read the text appearing at the bottom of the screen "clouds". The animation again after the first round, the music is boring, online multiplayer is not. There is a split screen mode, though, thanks for that.

That's just with the graphics or get confused in the twists and turns you'll more often than when playing alone.Nickelodeon Kart Racers game reviewAlmost all of the bonuses boxes are the same for all heroes.***It's unlikely we'll ever know, why it was created Nickelodeon Kart Racers. Perhaps the President Nickelodeon lost the argument with colleagues? Or friends took him to the "weak"? Modern children these characters are uninteresting, the adults take time to be ashamed.

What happened — the real garbage: empty, primitive and unworthy of attention.

Pros: good mechanics with accelerating mucus.

Disadvantages: everything else.

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