Next week ARK: Survival Evolved get to PS4 players

Company Studio Wildcard announced that on December 6, MMO ARK: Survival Evolved will finally be available on the PS4 console. Players who purchase a Survivor’s kit for $54.99, get the basic version, the addition of Scorched Earth, skin Bionic Giganotosaurus and Manticore armor set.

In addition, on December 21, the PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved, most likely, will receive a patch 253. The game will be new creatures – Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Pagemasters and Therizinosaurs, 2 new underwater caves and the first phase of the technology TEK — system engrams, the system Element resources, Replicator, rifle, helmet, visor, jetpack, boots, gloves and saddle for Rex».

Also will start the event Winter Wonderland 2, and the situation with the increase in network performance will improve by about 15%. Full release ARK: Survival Evolved is expected in spring 2017.

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