Neurogaming and Wargaming has announced the launch of the all-Russian tournament on World of Tanks VR

Today, may 11, Neurogaming and Wargaming launched the first e-sports tournament tank shooter World of Tanks VR. The first open competition of «tank» in virtual reality has already begun and will be held in more than 30 locations in 7 cities of Russia. All tournament participants will drive the cars of the Soviet T-44-100, restored in accordance with the standards of quality Wargaming. The winner will receive the SUV UAZ Patriot in the special version of World of Tanks Edition, which boasts a stylish interior with leather trim, signature identification and a greeting in the style of the game World of Tanks.

At the presentation competition, which was held on the eve of the may 10, journalists and bloggers for the first time in Russia tested the top solution family the HTC VIVE, a virtual reality system HTC VIVE Pro. 


World of Tanks VR during an open alpha testing has become the most popular game in the flagship locations of the network PlayVR (formerly CinemaVR) — «VRPark city», the largest Park of virtual reality in Europe. The opportunity to immerse into tank battles in a virtual reality is interesting, and the representatives of the 160 million-strong community of World of Tanks, and new players. Before the tournament the virtual «Tanks» left the stage early access and is now available at all locations of the network Play VR.


To take part in the biggest VR eSports tournament in the world will every player, from 11 may to 6 June, will play in World of Tanks VR in the halls PlayVR. More than 30 locations PlayVR where will determine the 32 finalists of the competition, located in shopping malls and cinemas of Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Abakan and Alexandrov. At the moment PlayVR is one of the largest networks of virtual reality attractions in the world.

In addition, PlayVR is the world’s largest network of conducting its own tournaments, provides tournament for World of Tanks VR VR status as the largest competition on the planet among the competitions held in the VR rooms.


At the presentation of the tournament for World of Tanks VR for the first time in Russia was shown the new virtual reality system HTC VIVE Pro with the highest resolution, currently available on the market, improved tracking, and a new level of sound quality. Features of this device is a new generation revealed specially prepared Bild World of Tanks VR, in which graphics are displayed on a qualitatively new level.


The final of the tournament on World of Tanks VR will take place on 9 June in «VRPark city» located in the Moscow SC «Afimoll». Prize for the champion will be branded all-terrain vehicle UAZ Patriot World of Tanks Edition; silver and bronze medalists will get a gaming laptop and a virtual reality system HTC VIVE Pro. The tournament will be held in the software GeForce GTX. mmo simulator world of tanks

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