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Live for platform: PC

Have Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden On the hands there is one undisputed trump card — aggressive anthropomorphic animals in the main roles. Looking at the screenshots alone, where the drake, stylishly combed and clothed, squeezes the crossbow and at the same time looks completely reliable for yourself, you already want to experience this game. And it doesn't matter what the story is and what the depth of the gameplay is.

But here — tried. Now it is important.

Go your way, stalker

First you need to comply with the formalities, to prevent historical injustice and note that the setting of a video game should be a desktop RPG Mutant: Year Zero. So let's not sing the praises of the developers from The bearded ladies, who gave us all this entourage. In the end, this is just a competent implementation of a license, and not a unique intellectual property.

Plus, if you brush aside the pumped images from Looney tunes, then in the rest we will get a fairly standard post-apocalyptic atmosphere — with the heroes of the new time, trying to survive on the fragments of the former civilization, with the omnipresent money-hunters, called here ghouls, with the founders of the newest faith and ideological conglomerations.

It is necessary to see that the post-apocalypse is “fresh” here. Everywhere there are a lot of objects, equipment and buildings that are usual for us. Is that all withered so green sank.

In short, the environment in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden recalls faster debris The last of us, than wasteland Fallout.

It is probably more pleasant for those who travel around the world to stalkers — adventurers, who are ready to go to the Zone, uncharted territory over and over again, to supply their home settlement with resources and equipment. The main characters — just one of those. Initially, the game introduces us to a duck named Dax and a boar Bormin, who, on the instructions of the Elder, went to mine parts for a water pump. This is only the beginning of a long and dangerous journey.

Subsequently, the group will go in search of the missing stalker Hammon, discover new truths, meet other characters and prevent many evil plans.

I do not want to retell the story in detail, not even because of possible spoilers, but because it is average in every sense. Not bad, not good. As if written according to a textbook for a novice screenwriter.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden game reviewSometimes the game draws a very atmospheric scene.

One in the field of prey

Combat system in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden at first glance, it ingeniously copies the modern industrial standard, which many people know by dilogy Xcom. Two phases for movement or action; after a shot, the character’s turn ends; the ubiquitous overwatch in place. However, it should be noted that the percentages of getting here are much more friendly and honest.

They vary in five marks: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100. And each number is felt exactly as it should.

Their corrections are made by the fact that the maximum of the fighters in the detachment is three. Because of this, during an open confrontation, it is unacceptable to leave someone on the rearguard — everyone should be as helpful as possible. There is much more fun with destructible.

The walls and floors are much more willing to crumble into the dust, and Bormin even has a special skill that allows you to carry obstacles in his path.

But all these nuances would not have been worth the damn, and tactical battles would have bothered at the third hour, if not for one much more noticeable but — the battles here are not simple. This is further emphasized by the fact that in the game, in principle, there is no such term as “low level of complexity”. Variations begin with "normal."

Each health unit of the opponent has a weight. Unaccounted armor, absorbing damage, can haunt big troubles. Well, the reinforcements in the form of a pair of ghouls that came to the battlefield always make them sweat.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden game reviewUntil you stop saving the EMI-grenades and you don’t find the right body kits for weapons, the robots will notably drink your blood. There is one salvation — clear planning and preparatory operations. The fact is that the world of the game is divided into locations, each of which can be studied in real time. We always notice opponents before they are us.

Therefore, the game allows you to ply in the shadows and behind the obstacles, to study the disposition of enemy forces and, most importantly, for the time being, eliminate opponents one by one, without raising the alarm. To do this, you need to podgadat moment, enter the step-by-step mode and joint efforts to hammer the enemy with a silent weapon in one turn.

Thus, the tactics in the game often turn from turn-based to real-time. Is that the corpses do not need to drag: opponents to raise the alarm is absolutely on the drum that is happening around them. Moreover, some locations can be completed completely in such a secretive mode, methodically thinning the ranks of opponents to the bitter end. However, the further along the story we are moving, the harder it is to turn this trick. No matter how skillfully a player combines percussion-sharpened perks with quiet trunks pumped and hung with bonuses, health of opponents becomes so much over time that it is physically impossible to empty it in just one turn.

So anxiety, help, big brawl.

We must pay tribute to the developers: they are well aware of the situation and just somewhere at this turning point, they organized a screenplay climax and put the characters on the home straight, making it clear that the final is not far off.Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden game reviewThe quick move here is ultimatum. Outside of battle, you can go anywhere to any location you’ve already visited.

New World Values

AT Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden there are also optional areas to visit. They are very few, and they do not have some exciting additional tasks. Just an extra opportunity to select resources and experience.

In fact, if there were no maps and imaginary freedom of movement in the game, and the plot levels were arranged in a straight line with the possibility of purchasing and pumping ammunition without returning to the Ark, the game would have lost little.

By the way, the Ark is a hub-location, the home of stalkers, where you can “teleport” at any time. It is here that resources need to be found that are collected during attacks. The store sells grenades, first-aid kits and some not very prominent cannons for ordinary scrap metal. Keep in mind that more attractive in terms of their characteristics, weapons, as well as armor and hats, containing some kind of passive bonus, wait for their heroes exclusively in the Zone — the game is generally supportive of those who like to “vacuum” levels in search of loot .

Another resource — the details of the weapon — is used to pump the parameters of the barrels: damage, range, probability of critical hit. Also in the workshop of the Ark, you can hang a sight or some additional lotion on the right “boom stick”, which will also enhance the characteristics or add a new feature — for example, a chance to set fire to the enemy.

The rarest improvised currency of the universe Mutant Year Zero — these are artifacts. The legacy of the "ancient", that is, you and me. All sorts of players, tape recorders, household appliances. Bring such rubbish to the bartender in the Ark — and you will be able to knock out from it some kind of global boost that extends to the whole game: lower prices, increased efficiency of first-aid kits, and so on.Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden game reviewWithout the ability of Magnus to take control of the enemy soldiers, I would have been tough.

And now as for the other “legacy” — the role-playing one. Pumping wards here translates into a selection of new mutations. There are two branches: one (linear) with a banal increase in health or mobility, and the second (slightly less linear) — with perks. Speech, for example, about the local analogue of the ability of the Run & Gun from all the same Xcom or the ability to grow wings and fly to a higher point on the map.

Equipping a fighter can be two active skills, rechargeable after a certain number of murders, and one passive. Unfortunately, only a few techniques are unique and inherent in only one hero from the whole party.

In general, the whole management process of the group is extremely simple and straightforward. We don’t have to think about the choice of the next perk, and competent combination of passive bonuses and weapon dodgers is unlikely for someone to remain a stumbling block for a long time. It can be seen that the authors were afraid to destroy the balance, to break the combat system, and therefore everywhere adhered to the necessary minimum. So, in spite of the fact that there is no-no and there is a need to look in the squad’s menu to pick something up, orthodox fans of role-playing games, of course, snub, looking at the local system. ***Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden in modern realities it feels like an average indie game with a budget, and not as a big project from a distinguished publisher.

It does not surprise by its scope, does not make any revolutions, and in many respects uses proven tools. However, apparently, in The bearded ladies really competent experts gathered, and everything that they had in mind, works well.Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden game review"Economy mode" can be traced in many aspects of the game.

As another example, there may be subject intros — static pictures with Bormina broadcasting off-screen. Cheap, but it works. Well, the main merit of the authors is the original attempt to weave together the usual step-by-step battles with preliminary intelligence activities. Yes, this symbiosis works and feels differently as you progress through the game, and there may be questions about it.

However, in general, the experiment can easily be considered successful. Plus here the good atmosphere and non-trivial characters, and understand why Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden noteworthy lovers of tactical gameplay.

Pros: stylish humanized mutant animals; An interesting combination of turn-based battles and the study of locations in real time; “Honest” hit percentages.

Minuses: battles in many ways still tracing with Xcom; lack of freedom and diversity in pumping, exploring the world and equipping the group.

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