Monster Hunter World — some useful tips

Monster Hunter World is an exciting game where each user develops his hunter and gradually becomes a legend of this world, capable of destroying virtually any opponent alone. 

But only if a person encounters the game Monster Hunter for the first time, he gets a lot of different questions, and in the case of this project there are even more of them.

In addition to the features of the battle against monsters, there are also several important systems, which, if mentioned, are just a few sentences.

Below you will find some basic tips that may help you to better understand what is going on before your eyes.

If I miss something, it can be added in the comments.

1 — Online in the game

We will begin, perhaps, with the online component, although we should immediately clarify that while the PC version is experiencing problems with some of the online functions and, most likely, they will be corrected later.

Among the various basic functions, you can safely mention the ability to connect to an online game that gives you access to a joint hunt for various creatures, but this system works a bit different.

Initially, as soon as you start the game for the first time, you will need to go through a small introductory part, and only then you will be able to connect to the Monster Hunter World network.

This can be done quite simply by talking with your personal assistant / task board and selecting the very last item there. And here there is a small feature, as there are several game modes.

In fact, all online functions become available when the character is in a special lobby, and the game invites you to make your lobby or connect to an existing one. It is the second option that differs only in that you can gather directly with these players and go to conquer the world of the game.

However, if you don’t need it at all, you can simply create a separate private lobby for one player and enjoy all the features online.

Further, the SOS system, which allows you to summon the missing players for yourself, works slightly differently than you thought. Roughly speaking, after the launch of the signal, your session will appear in a special online list. And only there the player will have to enter it himself, that is, there is no functionality in the game that would allow you to just throw players to you from the common pool.


2 — Always keep track of consumables and replenish them

In the game, each hunter has a set of vital auxiliary items that allow him to remain longer in battle or to cause additional damage.

But the hunter can take with him only a certain amount of reserves for one mission, and they can be replenished only manually, going to the chest on the main base or in the camp.

Of course, all these items you have are not endless, and for their replenishment will sometimes have to engage in crafting, which, again, is tied to the collection and cultivation of resources.

These types of items can be easily attributed to the main cartridges (although they can simply be bought from the NPC), various potions, meat to restore the HP, etc.

3 — Sell junk

Sooner or later, you will have a special cloak that allows you to receive special items for sale that can be profitably sold. But even up to this point there may appear garbage in your backpack, suitable only for sale.

Periodic such things need to sell a special NPC, which is located near the entrance to the base and stands on chests with provisions.


4 — Keep track of the state of the weapon and the main band of the stamina

For quite some time in the world of Monster Hunter, most melee weapons have a unique indicator of acuity, which is responsible for the main damage of a character, and the lower this indicator, the less damage you do.

As in real life, any weapon gradually loses this property from various actions in battle, and just when you explore the world, but the easiest way to restore sharpness is to use a special sharpening stone.

The initial stone is, one may say, the easiest way to restore sharpness, while it is rather long in terms of caste. In addition to it, the game has various other methods and items for sharpening.

The main indicator of your «survival» in addition to health / armor — is the margin of endurance and it is just like sharpness, gradually decreases.

Endurance you need to perform all the basic actions, ranging from rolls and ending with all the main attacks. You can fully restore stamina with the help of regular food of any quality (and they give it to you initially in the chest).

The quality of the food affects the total recovery endurance, that is, perfectly cooked meat will fully return you the maximum stock.


5 — Login bonus, rewards and hunting modes

Every day, entering the game, according to the standard, you get special lucky tickets in the usual case and unique if some important event is held.

In total, you can accumulate up to five regular lucky sheets and after that they will no longer be added up, their main functionality is to double the amount of zen (gold) received as a reward for various missions.

To use them, you need to press a special button before confirming the start of the task, which automatically activates one such ticket, that is, if, for example, they give about 20k for the quest, then with it you will receive 40k.

In addition, they also slightly increase the chance to get a valuable additional reward after completing the mission.

Sooner or later you will reach the point where you will have the task of not only killing monsters and then collecting valuable resources from them, but also catching them, filling up menageries of expedition scientists with new samples for study.

It is the process of capturing any monster can be many times faster if you learn how to do everything correctly. Roughly speaking, the player is simply required to bring the creature to a certain “weak” state. If you have collected all the data about him in this mission, then this state will be displayed with a shard.

After that, you will just need to use an electric \ shock trap next to it and then a tranquilizer several times, after which the monster will simply fall asleep and the mission will be completed. Both described items can be found in the crafting window or in the supply chest after starting the task.

6 — Your kote and the hunt for little monsters

In the new amazing world, you may sometimes need certain resources from small creatures that are fairly easy to kill, just for this occasion, each hunter has a special net for fishing.

Initially, it should be in your main quick access menu, where you need to select and equip it, then the network will become your main weapon and you can do damage to it and catch various animals.

If you hit small creatures with your main weapon, in the end they just fly into small pieces.

In addition, you have the right cat that can kill these creatures and that is why it is best to leave it on the base. This can be done by going to a small nest (otherwise it can not be called), near which your faithful companion will always stand.

Then just talk to the cat and he will sit down with a sad look and wait for you to take him with you again. Please note that even if you complete the mission, in the next one he will also sit there, if you do not call with him.


7 — Special quests and resource control center

Almost from the very beginning, all the players on the base next to the exit have a certain resource management post where there are three SPCs, and so it is on them that you need to draw your attention before being sent to any mission.

The fact is that this post will give you unpretentious tasks, as a reward for which special areas are given to improve your equipment, and the quests themselves are closely related to the world of the game and various activities.

There are four types of tasks: to collect certain resources in X numbers, to kill certain creatures, to kill large creatures — this is how all the big bosses in the game are designated and, finally, to kill creatures of a certain type (for example, wyverns). In general, you just do not notice how to follow them and it remains to just pass the quest.

They also have special “orders” for killing monsters of varying difficulty, for which they can sometimes issue from 20+ thousand zen.

Further, you sometimes need to pay attention to such a subtitle of quests as “Optional”, there are various additional quests that, for example, can extend the turn of your botanical center by one cell, allowing you to cultivate several types of plants at once.


8 — Learn Monster Encyclopedia

Well, in the end it is worthwhile to talk a little about the factor of research of this or that monster, the fact is that in addition to direct battle, each hunter must collect special data for research.

With this system, players are introduced at the very beginning of the game and in fact it simply helps you to better understand the creature, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and in the long run it can help you cope with monsters.

Gradually collecting knowledge, you develop the level of the monster to which they belong and more useful information becomes available, and it, in turn, is automatically added to the special almanac “Hunter Notes”.

It can be accessed by calling the main system menu and finding the desired item there. Here you will find information about the new world and about all the creatures you met.

Basically, players in addition to Laura should also be interested in the “Physiology” tab, where all the vulnerabilities of a particular monster are displayed and whether they can be broken. In addition to the above, it is also possible to study his spontaneous defense and resistance to various effects of control, for example, to attack Toby with lightning is pointless in general, since he is well-protected from it for obvious reasons. Roughly speaking, the more stars, the stronger this type of damage.

And the final two tabs are responsible for the resources you get if you break a certain part of the monster’s body, for example, if you can cut off the tail, you can respectively accurately collect the specified resource.


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