Monster Hunter World is the content that is to be expected after the launch of the PC version

Already there are just a couple of days until August 9, on a PC platform comes welcome project Monster Hunter World, but now, based on the console version, we can see what updates to expect. 

Below you will find information about what to expect after the launch of the project and how will the character development to the maximum possible rank of the hunter.

I note that in an interview the developer mentioned that all the already installed updates for the console versions coming to PC only after some time after release, but in a much shorter period of time. Roughly speaking, Capcom will try to enter all the updates as soon as possible.

Well, let’s move on to the description of the main content, which will wait for PC players.

Let’s start with the most important — adding new types of monsters with different characteristics and rewards.

Sooner or later every player will get the highest possible rank and is more or less settled into the project, winning almost all of the available monsters.

With the purpose to diversify the game for higher level players, the developers together with the various updates introduced a number of dangerous and deadly creatures, which represent a major challenge for killing them may require unique mechanics.

Also, in addition, each new type of monsters one way or another comes along with its own unique set of weapons that players had an incentive to try to defeat them.

The first monster we see is the good old Deviljho, which fans of the series could already see in the previous parts of the game. Of course, the developers have tried to adapt it to the new world, making more dangerous and deadlier.

If to describe it short and clear, Deviljho is, perhaps, the most dangerous opponent of the new world, as due to a high metabolism he constantly wants to eat, and his food can become almost any creature.

During combat this creature type rely only on their brute strength (except for fire breath) and a huge toothy mouth, it is able to catch anyone.

It can also use captured enemy as a hammer, or throw it at players.

The developers propose it can appear in almost any area and a special assignment for his murder will periodically pop up, sending all the hunters looking for him.

In the end, after its occurrence, regardless of location, Deviljho automatically becomes the top of the food chain and can destroy anyone who gets in his eyes. However, he also has a weak spot, due to the small features it is difficult to defeat the monster Bazelgeuse that throwing exploding bombs.


The following monster, which will add the developers will be ancient dragon Kulve Taroth. And with it will be added new types of quests, in fact represents a kind of RAID.

The fact that after you start to kill this monster can only be part of a group. This group will consist of 16 players who are divided into four and fight the dragon in different mirrors, in pursuit of a common goal.

The main objective of all hunters is to break the horns of a boss to obtain valuable resources for new weapons, and towards this purpose you will have to complete a few basic steps.

Itself Kulve Taroth is a big dragon in the Golden mantle that covers his whole body, like armor protecting the important parts (e.g., horns). Of course, all this Golden armor can be easy to shoot down, greatly reducing the overall length of the boss and, in fact, leaving him naked.

The whole fight is going to happen in a rather beautiful underground locations, consisting of various tunnels, geothermal springs and lava, which will move Kulve Taroth.

After you will be able to cut off his horns and win or just kill as a reward you can drop a new Golden weapons with elemental damage, besides the basic stats of the weapon can be madly absurd (in a good way).

In General, it is the update with this boss in the course of studying basic tactics on the way to the victory can bring the players a lot of different emotions. And pass it will have, because the weapons drop randomly.


Third, and in fact at the time of writing the new creature, will be a Behemoth from the Final Fantasy series. It was added as part of the special event, which will be described later. But unlike the rest of Ivanovich monsters, this new boss will remain in the game forever.

As in the case of the above-described monster, the Behemoth will bring a relatively new tactics needed to kill him. Yet he is one of the most difficult bosses and to kill him would require a group of pumped players endgame equipment.

A new tactic is entirely tied to the traditional MMORPG system of accumulation of aggression. If one player is constantly attacking the head boss between them will be a special red beam, meaning that now all the attention being focused on this player.

After that, the rest of the team can safely attack the boss without worrying that it might switch to them. Keep EPR on one of the users also need to avoid special attacks.

Behemoth, as it should, it may call upon different meteorites that will fall to the ground and stay on it, it is their need to protect the tank from damage.

The fact that at some point the creature will summon a huge meteorite, the damage from which can survive only behind the standing stones described above, another way to avoid the AOE explosion, dealing damage all over the arena for battle, you can’t.

This boss continues to prove that Japanese developers can create unique and interesting event, part of which will forever remain in the game. Here are particularly pleasing to most users.


Well, in conclusion, we will discuss various events that are run in honor of a certain time of year or as events associated with specific dates \ games.

In the world of Monster Hunter World you can see several types of various events and the first of them are seasonal. As the name suggests, they are confined to a specific time of year in real life.

Usually with them the main base of the game is decorated with a certain theme and all the NPC are also changing their standard costumes more suitable, and players have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards.

Among the various things that can be obtained, users can find unique sets of armor that are used as the main form for low-level monsters or as a simple intranet for your character.

Lists of awards contain a number of weapons, emotions, food and other little things that create the General mood of the specific time of year.

And, of course, all players will obtain by completing various temporary events, collecting a unique currency or just passing certain tests with the killing of monsters of various shapes and sizes.

In General, this approach in MMO projects helps to distract from the perpetual race for better gear and just enjoy the game. And you have the opportunity to get various cosmetic things adorable and after the event.


The following type of events are special collaborations with other game projects that often occur only in one direction. But it happens that beings from the world of Monster Hunter World also invade a variety of games.

In fact, these events allow players to obtain unique items, inspired by certain games that change the main visual effect of some weapons.

After running some collab in the game there is a quest for the fulfillment of which you can obtain special currency and then use it to create unique things.

At the time of this writing, the game already held the following events:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn — consisted of two parts and allowed to shape the main character and special armor that turns your palika in the robot.
  • Street Fighter — after completing the quest, it was possible to shape the characters Ryu and Sakura from the same fighting game, and in addition special moves with which to inflict some damage (for example, hadoken to deal damage for small creatures). To buy traffic you could only for real money in the game store.
  • Devil May Cry — as a reward has brought a unique armor, made in the form of an old Dante costume for both sexes, as well as his famous sword which belonged to a certain type of weapon, changing its basic principle. More information about this event can be found here.
  • Universal Studios Japan — made it possible to obtain unique sets of armor, a variety of themed weapons, and look for a palika.
  • Final Fantasy XIV — at the time of writing, the most recent event, which will help you to get the unique armor class of the Dragoons and his spear that is relevant in the world of Monster Hunter World to insectorama type. As in the case with Dante’s sword, a new spear will also visually change the weapon, removing your hands of the beetle and replacing it with a blue aura, and the beetle itself will turn into a Ghost.




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