Monster Hunter: World — Game banned in China

While Monster Hunter: World Steam breaking records, becoming the most successful Japanese game service — MHW copies were sold twice more than the previous record from the Country of the Rising Sun — Dark Souls 3, celebration of the Chinese players are spoiled by the local authorities.

For unknown reason, yet, Chinese regulators forced the company to remove Tencnet Monster Hunter World from the local analog Steam platform WeGame. Local analysts suspect that possibly the problem lies in the presentation in the game is dead, which is often a problem for a lot of video game developers in the country.

Of course, this move was a big blow for Capcom, who may lose access to the huge Chinese market, but Tencent business furn is not better. Earlier we wrote that the Chinese giant is going to make WeGame international platform and competitor to Steam, and Monster Hunter: World is the first game, the release of which took place simultaneously on Steam and WeGame, which is an important step towards global expansion service. Moreover, in July it became known that pre-order the game on the service has made one million players, and now all of those million other buyers must either return the money till the 20th of August, either leave MHW in the library, in the hope that developers will be able to rectify the situation.

Tencent will also issue a gift voucher for $4 as an apology for the problem.

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