Monster Hunter: World — First free update

The developers of the PC version of action/RPG Monster Hunter: World unveiled the first free update, which will be available September 6 this year. The patch adds a new monster Deviljho, and with it the weapons and sets of armor, Vangis α and β. 

In addition, Deviljho will be added several missions, including a special assignment to hunt for a new boss. Also will be Dragonproof Mantle and a new suit Astera 3 Star Chef Coat. No cost and without error correction.

Among other things, the developers promise to solve the remaining problems with the connection, as well as to improve optimization of the game client.

We will remind that earlier the team had already released a patch that improved the selection system of the group and tried to fix it with the optimization. However, only some bugs were fixed. I hope that this time the developers will succeed.

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